5 Cheat Hacks To Create Stunning Design Layouts

Ask anyone the secret to making the first/tenth/hundredth sale, and they will list out great photography + good SEO + Product titles + Descriptions + everything that goes into setting up a great online store!

BUT, when it comes to social media, your product images need to attract your customers, just like a window display. Something to make them stop, stare, be intrigued, and enter the store (and of course buy!)

This is where our layouts step in to assist you. All you have to do is CHOOSE your window display 🙂 and we make sure that it gets seen on all your social media channels at various times. But there is always room for some tweaks that can help you attract even more attention. And the tricks to do this are so simple that you’ll be instantly hooked…

Show off your products with our cool design layouts
Show off your products with our cool design layouts

TRICK 1: Image Is King

Yes, everything revolves around your product image.

Using the best images of your products is half the battle won. The next step is choosing the right layout. Remember, since image is your king our designs need to serve them in the best way possible. OrangeTwig auto-fits your products in the designs, but a simple trick can help you up your game. If you have more vertical images than horizontal, then make sure you choose more vertical layouts, and vice versa for a perfect fit.  

Pro Tip: You can zoom in/out and drag your images to give a more, ‘up close’ kind of feel. You can also use filters to enhance your images and create a focal point. Just click on Edit Image and follow the instructions in the video.  

TRICK 2: Background Check

The background of a layout pulls all elements together – colors/shapes/font. Choose a background that doesn’t overpower your product. So, a colorful product will look best with a solid color background to complement the product color.

Textures/Patterns/Images are great when the layout looks bare. The reason could vary from the nature of the product (jewelry/appliances) to the size of the product.

You can try changing the background by clicking on Edit Image and then selecting Background. Choose Texture/Pattern/Image to enhance the layout.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.16.14 PM


In the example below, I’ve changed the background from crinkled texture to pattern.  I have changed the color of the square border & the text as well. The next trick tells you why and how.

Image (Left): Original Image (Right): Edited
Image (Left): Original
Image (Right): Edited

TRICK 3: Color Me Good

Choose layouts that best complement the color of your products.

Easter layouts chosen by All Things Express are working in complete harmony with their products. They’re cheery and colorful and a perfect match for their baby products.

Choose the right layouts and let them do the talking! (All Things Express' Easter Promotions)
Choose the right layouts and let them do the talking! (All Things Express’ Easter Promotions)

Pro Tip: You can always change the colors of layouts/font/elements to enhance the design. Just select Edit Image and click on the item that you would like to change the color of. Select the color or a specific shade that you want.


Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.19.22 PM

In the original design below, I did not want the blue to compete with my purse. A shade of rust orange and a light shade of yellow makes sure that the focus will always be on the bag.  I have replaced the elements on top with some shapes. Read the next trick to know more…

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.44.02 PM
Image (Left): Original Layout Image (Right): Edited Layout

 TRICK 4: Shapes

I love adding shapes &  stickers to OT layouts. That way, with a little experimentation, I can keep putting a new spin on the layout of my liking. But remember to not overcrowd your designs with too many of these. When there are too many elements competing for the customer’s attention it will leave them confused.

Click Edit Image and select Shapes. Choose any – round/hexagon/square/triangle. You can rotate them or change their color and add them to the layout.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.22.14 PM


I have used two different shapes as border and changed their colors to jazz up this design layout. I have also added a sticker and placed my CTA on top of it.

Image (Left): Original Image (Right): Edited
Image (Left): Original Layout Image (Right): Edited Layout

TRICK 5: ‘Font’astic

After the image, the font matters the most. A customer needs to absorb your message immediately.

A font should be, most importantly, easy to read. Because if it’s not, your future customer is just going to bounce.

If you want, you can make some changes to the font quite easily. Just click on Edit Image and then click on the Edit box. You will see options to change font and increase size and change the color.

Pro Tip: And according to our designers, the following four points should be kept in mind when changing fonts: 

  1. Curvy fonts are associated with beauty
  2. Simple & sleek  fonts are for elegance
  3. Heavy-weight fonts are used to communicate ‘Sale’/‘New Arrivals’
  4. Funky fonts are used to communicate fun and cheer   

You can see the original layout below, on the left. After selecting my products I realized that I wanted a muted color in place of pink and I have changed the font to make it look a bit more formal (since I’m selling high-end Mother’s Day gifts)

Left: Original Layout Right: Edited Layout
Left: Original Layout
Right: Edited Layout

Go ahead, unleash your inner designer!