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How to add an admin to your Facebook business page

Managing your Facebook page getting too much for you?

Wish you could get someone else to help you with it?

Why don't you add an admin to your Facebook page to help you with it?

You can choose the role of each admin based on how much authority you would like to give her.

Add an admin:


1. Click on the 'Settings' link towards the top left corner of your business page.

How to add an admin to FB page 1

2. Click on 'Page Roles' in the left column.

How to add an admin to FB page 2

3. Enter the email address that the person you are trying to invite as an admin has used for their Facebook profile.4. Click on 'Editor' to see the roles you can assign your new admin.5. Click 'Save'.

How to add an admin to FB page 3


1. Go to the "Edit page" tab at the top of your business page. Click it and select "Manage Admin Roles".

2. Enter the person's name in the text box.

(Note: If you don’t have the person as a FB friend, or if they haven’t liked the page, their name will not appear when you start typing it. However you can also enter in their email address (the one they use to log into FB), to add them as admin).

3. The default admin type is “Content Creator”. Change this by selecting a role from the drop-down menu.

4. Click on save, and enter your FB password in the pop-up box.

5. The person you made admin will receive an email and/or FB notification (depending on their settings).

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