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4 reasons your Brand MUST have a business account on Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referral traffic Moreover, Pinterest users “are buyers of things that aren’t cheap…[they] like things that are creative, artistic, individual, aspirational.”  An ideal fit for a seller like you. So if you’re not already on Pinterest, what are you waiting for?

Business or personal?

The first question you probably have is: ‘which type of account should I open – business or personal?’. You probably need both. But, if you want to drive traffic to your shop from your Pinterest account, I highly recommend having a business account. It’s completely free and the following features are available only to business accounts:

rich pin1. Rich Pins:

Rich pins include additional information right in the pin itself. This is great for sellers as the price and availability of your pinned products are automatically pulled from your online store. You don’t need to manually enter them.

Note: Any product pinned directly from Etsy, Shopify, and Bigcommerce will be a rich pin. Make sure you check how product pins for your platform work.

2. Promoted Pins:

Think of Promoted Pins as paid advertisements on Pinterest. They look like regular Pins, but show up more often in relevant search results, category feeds and the home feed. Promoted pins are paid for on a ‘cost per click’ basis, and can be targeted to a relevant audience.

Promoted Pin
Note: Promoted pins are currently available only to all US-based businesses.

 3. Analytics:

Pinterest Analytics

As a business, you need to know (a) Who’s looking at your pins, (b) Which pins are working, and (c) What do you need to change. Analytics will answer these questions for you. A business account gives you access to:

  • Profile Analytics: This shows how items you have pinned are performing.

    Insight – See what type of pins are getting the most engagement and decide your pinning strategy accordingly. e.g. I sell natural skin-care and beauty products. Before and after photos of people using my foundation get a lot of engagement. I can try something similar with my eye-make up as well.

  • Audience Analytics:  (a) Get demographics of your pinners e.g. Age, gender, country etc, and (b) See what your audience is interested in i.e. What else they pin.
    Insight – Tailor your images and pins to your audience’s tastes for greater engagement. e.g. Most of my audience is from the US. I should pin my 4th of July products.
  • Website Analytics: These are analytics for your website. If you don’t have a personal website and are pinning from a market-place such as Etsy, you will not get any analytics here. 


Better organization

Ideally, you should have a central theme for your account. Having a business account will help you target relevant audience by posting content more suited for them. If you have one account for both, personal and business content, there is a chance that your personal content might be driving engagement to your content. But that engagement would not do much for your business.

For eg: Your cat GIFs would probably get a lot of engagement (GIFs are extremely popular on Pinterest). But that engagement wouldn’t be helpful for your business.

If you do want to pin your personal favorite recipe or holiday destination, consider maintaining two separate Pinterest accounts – a personal and a business account.


But I already have a personal account

What if you’ve already started a personal account and built up quite a following there? No problem. You can easily convert your personal account to a business one. In this case, be sure to arrange your boards to be more suited for your business account. Here are the steps to convert your account:

    1. Log into your Pinterest account
    2. Go to Pinterest for Business
    3. Click ‘Convert now’
      Pinterest - Business account or Personal account
    4. Fill out your information and click ‘Convert’
      Pinterest - Business account or Personal account

And you’re done!

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