Your Etsy ‘About’ page: do it right

Would you buy online from a buyer you din’t know anything about?

Probably not.

The same holds true for your potential buyers. The better they are able to get to know you, the more likely they are to trust you and buy from you.

In fact, a recent study found that visitors to  an online shop with an  About page were five times more likely to purchase a product, while spending on average 22.5% more on their purchases.

This is why it’s well worth your time to write a good ‘About’ page.


Is the ‘About’ page the same as the seller ‘Profile’?

No, they are very different.

The seller profile appears when someone clicks on your name (under your profile picture), while the link to the ‘About’ page is found under ‘shop Info’ in the left column.


Etsy About page-do it right-1

Here’s an example of both from Etsy shop Lyla Supplies.



 Seller Profile

Owner Louise’s seller ‘Profile’ is more about her shop and includes a peek at her products, her favorites and her treasuries:

Etsy About page-do it right-2

‘About’ page

Louise’s ‘About’ page is all about her. She can tell her story, include 5 large photos of her workspace, link to her social networks and introduce other team members:

Etsy About page-do it right-3



Create your ‘About’ page

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Place your mouse on the ‘shop’ icon towards the top right corner of the Etsy homepage

3. From the drop-down menu, click on ‘Shop settings’ (last tab)


Etsy About page-do it right-4

4. In the left column, click on the ‘About’ link under ‘shop Settings’.


Etsy About page-do it right-5

Step 1: Add ‘Shop Members’

1. You will land on the ‘Shop members’ tab. Click on ‘Add shop member’.

2. Upload your photo, add your name, role and bio. Click ‘save’


Etsy About page-do it right-6

3. repeat this for any other team members.

TIP: Feel free to add your family members or pets here to make this more personal.



Step 2: Write your Story

1. Click on the ‘Story’ tab at the top of the page.


Etsy About page-do it right-7

2. Story HEADLINE: Describe what makes your shop special in 1 line.


3. Some things you could write about in your STORY section:

  • why and how you started your shop
  • what excites you about creating
  • what you enjoy doing in your spare time
  • your family – your spouse, kids and pets
  • your creative process
  • any anecdotes about your journey as an artist and a seller
  • what is unique about your shop / service
  • handmade – what raw materials you use
  • vintage – what you look for in pieces
  • anything else that paints a picture about you as a person and a seller


INSPIRATION: Adam and Devin Green, owners of  Mermaid Tears tell a great story of how they got started and include beautiful, relevant photos of their work and life.


Etsy About page-do it right-8

4.  Upload 5 PHOTOS and add captions. Some ideas:

  • your workspace
  • a close up of you creating
  • the raw materials you use
  • your shop / group of finished products
  • your family – your spouse, kids and pets
  • any crafts fair or booth you have set up
  • any fun photos of you
  • again, anything that shows off your personality and work

Images can be .jpg, .png, or .gif files up to 2MB. You can upload photos of any dimension you like, but your photos will be cropped to display at 760 x 428 pixels.

NOTE: Make sure the photos you upload are clear and of good quality.

Here’s some INSPIRATION:

Shop: Pepper Swimwear. All their photos are relevant and fun – from Sibylle sewing patterns (below) to co-owners Sibylle and Bridget playing beach volleyball in their swimwear.

Etsy About page-do it right-9

Shop: Dixie’s Window. Where it all started – Dixie got her first sewing machine at age 6.

Etsy About page-do it right-10

Shop: Lazy T Crochet. Tricia’s button wrap was featured in MidWest Living magazine.

Etsy About page-do it right-11

Shop: Maddieloos. Marsallai’s studio.

Etsy About page-do it right-12

ShopAlley Cat Design Studio. Close-up of the creative process


Etsy About page-do it right-13


5. Add Shop LINKS

You can add direct links to your Facebook page, Twitter account, blog and website here.

– Under ‘Link Type’ select what type of  page you want to link

– Under ‘Link URL’ enter the url of that page.

See example below:


Etsy About page-do it right-14

NOTE:  You can add up to 3 links to your ‘About’ page.


Step 3: Outside Manufactures

Etsy now allows sellers to work with outside manufacturers as long as you take responsibility for their customer’s experience personally. However, to do this, you must first fill up an application and list everyone involved in your shop. *If you make everything yourself, you can skip this step*.

1. Click on the ‘Manufacturer’ tab at the top of the page.

2. Complete the details and click ‘Submit your answers for review’ 


Step 4: Preview & Publish

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Save & Preview’ button. You’ll see a preview of your about page.

If you’re happy with it,  publish your page by clicking the blue ‘Publish’ button. If you’d like to make any changes, click the gray ‘Continue Editing button.

Etsy About page-do it right-15

NOTE: You can edit your ‘About’ section at any time after publishing as well.


Your ‘About’ page on OrangeTwig

Your ‘About’ section on Etsy gets automatically pulled into your OrangeTwig store on Facebook. And it’s synced daily so your ‘About’ section on OrangeTwig will always be up-to-date.

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