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Easy as pie tips to write a BRILLIANT ‘About’ Page

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If there is one question that I absolutely dread answering, it is - tell me a little about yourself. I almost never have a good answer for this.

I disappear into an alternate universe where I'm simultaneously trying to answer - where do I start, what do I include, what's important, how do I phrase it, and then it all comes crashing down.

Fine, that was a little dramatic. But you get the point.

If you're anything like me, the 'About Us' section of your shop is still on your pending to-dos.

It's time to face your fear and complete this section right away. Why - because this is one of the most visited pages on a website.

Why is it important

  1. To build trust:
    The first question every buyer wants an answer to is - do I want to get in business with this seller? Only your 'About Us' page has an answer to this question. Personal stories build trust! The what, why, who, and how of your shop give your buyers something to identify with.
  2. To be found by your users:
    There are better chances of Google showing your website high up to a user in search result if it has an ‘About Us’ page.
  3. Keywords:
    Google scans through particular words and phrases on a website to decide if the website should be shown to a user. These words and phrases are called ‘Keywords’. The About Us page is perfect to plug keywords specific to your niche or broad category.
    E.g. Lululemon has included words like Yoga and Soul in its ‘Our Story’ page.
The About Us page - include keywords

PRO TIP: The keywords should belong to your story. It’s tempting to think that Google will show you higher than other websites if you repeat keywords. Actually, Google penalizes such repetition.

E.g. Here's a snippet of the About Us page of Coach. The keyword - luxury is a part of their narrative.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.12.21 PM

How to go about it

1. Call spade a spade:

The title of this page should be 'About Us'/ 'About' / 'Our Story' or something to this effect. You're an artist, being creative is who you are. But the title of the 'About Us' page might not be the best place to express this creativity. A visitor shouldn't have to guess where she can find more information about you.

E.g. Little Sparrow calls this section ‘About Us’. There is no scope of any confusion.

About Us - Title of about us

2. Tell your story:

Give your buyers a glimpse of who you are. Why and how did you start? What keeps you going? What do you aim to accomplish? But remember to make it personal. This is your story and not a corporate pitch.

E.g. If you are wondering how this can be done, check out Mammoth's story. It's fun and real.

About Us - Tell your story

3. Show how you will help:

What are you selling and how will this help your potential buyers? What makes your product different from other products? E.g. You can take ideas from Condor on how to convey value.

About Us - Show how you will help

4. Share the love:

Reviews are extremely powerful in influencing behavior and building trust. They are like show stoppers. No 'About Us' page is complete without them.

And if you don't have reviews, start asking your buyers to leave one for you.

E.g. This is what I am talking about - Tarryn’s testimonial sounds so convincing that anyone on the fence would have no doubt about the quality.

About Us - Reviews

5. Introduce your team:

Show your buyers who designs, creates, packs, ships, and talks to them. It will make it easier for the buyer to connect with your brand. E.g. Tessemae has put up pictures and short bios of its team.

About Us - Introduce your team


6. Go social:

List all social channels where you're present. Tell your buyers where they can connect with you. This will also help you grow your social media fan base.

E.g. Here’s a great idea. MISO Tasty doesn’t just list the social channels. It prompts visitors to follow as well.

About Us - Go Social

What not to do

1. Hide the ‘About Us’ tab:

Don’t tuck your ‘About Us’ tab at the bottom of your website.

A buyer shouldn’t have to go looking for this page. The ‘About Us’ tab should be right in front of your customer.

E.g - See how you land on Goodwin and Goodwin's website and the About Us tab is right on top.

About Us - Don't hide the About Us page

2. Leave the section incomplete:

It would be really annoying for a buyer to come to an incomplete ‘About Us’ page. If you don't have the time to complete it, don't make the tab live.

PRO TIP: Use images and videos to give this page a personality of its own. Here's an inspiring About Us page — UGMONK- Whimsy Whimsical


Now you know everything about creating the 'About' page.

What are you waiting for - get your pen and paper out and start writing Your Story.

Leave the link of your 'About Us' in the comment section for all of us to see.

I hope these tips helped you. Spread the love by liking, sharing and commenting.

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