Facebook Releases New Ad Format To Drive Sales!

Facebook has upped its game and released a new ad format – Collection –  that will allow sellers to showcase their products more visually.

Facebook introduces new ad format, Collection, to drive sales.
Facebook introduces new ad format, Collection, to drive sales.

This mobile ad format will allow retailers to attach 4 product images to a video ad. Those who tap on these images will be taken to a fast-loading page where they’ll be able to check out 50 products!! All this will be hosted ON Facebook.

Although buying is not possible on this platform (yet!), clicking on a product image will bring users to your website. And to help you track it, Facebook is testing a new metric – Outbound Clicks.

[blockquote source=”Facebook spokesperson”]Three in four consumers say that watching videos on social media influences their purchasing decisions, which is why we designed collection.[/blockquote]   

Over the last 2 years, Facebook and Instagram have seen higher engagement for video content. And video ads on Facebook are amongst the most powerful Facebook ad formats for generating user engagement (SocialMedia Examiner)

Brands like Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger have already tested and got a taste of this new ad format.

Happy Selling!