Get your social media posts Easter ready

Get your Social Media posts EASTER ready

‘It’s that time of the year again when it’s okay to put all your eggs in 1 basket’ – StorybookBarn

With less than 2 months to go, the countdown to one of the busiest and most profitable holidays (second only to Christmas) for any seller has already started.

Moment of truth – the dollar bunny will come knocking on your door only if you deliver enough of those product baskets. And for that to happen, well traffic on your store would be a good starting point.

I know TRAFFIC is a scary word. But I have a perfect solution for you.


‘How?’, you ask.

Share Easter products

The best way to get the word out about your Easter products is social media. Share your Easter products across all social channels. I’m sure you are already doing this. But I have a super awesome idea. Simple images are boring. Dress up your product images for Easter.

Everyday we see so many images on our social media feed, that very few images genuinely catch our attention.

How about If this came up in your Facebook feed? Wouldn’t you stop and look? It would definitely catch my eye.

Get your posts Easter ready - product poster

How to do it – Use OrangeTwig’s ‘Share a Poster’. You will love our bunnylecious designs.

Create a Coupon 

Apart from sweets and gifts, what else screams holidays? COUPONS! Give your buyers an incentive to shop your Easter products. But don’t just stop at creating the coupon. Promote this coupon like mad. After all, you only have time till Easter.

But promoting everyday can be painful. Did you know you can schedule your coupon post on social media in attractive layouts. Oh and Easter bonus – you get a different layout every day.

A sneak peek into the layout:

Get your post Easter ready - Coupons

How to do it: Create a social media campaign for Coupons using OrangeTwig.

Put your products on Sale

Buyers love a sale! Why wouldn’t they – it saves them money. Create an Easter specific sale and shout out about it on your social channels. Are you rolling your eyes at me and thinking – easy to say, girl. Trying creating a sale on Etsy. 

How about this? Would you like to promote your sale in such layouts?

Get your posts your Eater ready - Product Sale

How to do it: OrangeTwig’s Product Sale lets you create a sale and promote it across your social channels in just a couple of minutes. Cherry on the cake – your sale will be promoted on social media in really pretty and unique layouts.


Feeling a little better about your Easter promotions. What are you waiting for? Go to OrangeTwig and get started.

Bunny Kisses and Easter Wishes from OrangeTwig.

Easter Coupon - get 50% extra coupon


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