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How to DRESS your product for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day and gifts go hand in hand, almost like wine and cheese. And with someone as special as mommys, everything has to be perfect – from the gift to how it is wrapped.

This Mother’s Day, don’t just create beautiful items, finish them up by packing it beautifully for that ‘Aha’ experience. It’ll take you a few extra minutes per product, but it’ll all be worth it. The testimonials will speak for themselves.

Eg – Aren’t these absolutely gorgeous?

Dress your products for Mother's Day - Beautiful gift wrapping


If you’re dismissing this idea, thinking – ‘this is SO MUCH work, I don’t have time. I’ll be lucky if I get all the Mother’s Day orders out without losing it’ – take a deep breath and read on.

Here are quick tips:

1. Tags

You’re probably already using some tags or labels to customize your products for your super awesome customers. If you are, replace them with tags that shout – I love you Mom. And if not, now is the best time for it.

E.g – Want to see some magical tags?

Dress your items for Mother's Day - Tags

(Etsy shop – MeriMakes)

 You can either create custom tags or order these online. Use Canva to create them and then simply print them in bulk. If you don’t want to make tags and would like to order them, Etsy has plethora of options.

2. Wrapping material

From brown paper to cloth, everything works. Eventually, it’s the finishing touches that’ll make all the difference.

Dress your products for Mother's Day - Gift wrapping

 For a heavenly look, use natural and floral patterns in pastel shades.

E.g – Something like this.

Dress your products for Mother's Day - Gift wrapping

3. Note of love 

It’s a trend that’s catching up. And for good reason. If you have time (I am not kidding, if you have seconds to spare) add a little note on Mother’s day. Ask your customer, if there’s something special they’d like to add and if not, you can add a standard note. It can be a poem or a quote. It won’t go unnoticed.

E.g. This is what I mean

Dress your products for Mother's Day- Mother's Day note

4. Ribbons and threads

If you think that ribbons and threads are ornamental, think again. They bring the entire act together. So DON’T leave them out. How to choose the right one? Simple – pick a color that is in contrast to your paper and is easy to tie.

Dress your product for Mother's Day - Ribbons and Threads

 Go for Grossgrain ribbons only if you are super-skilled at tying. These are a little hard to handle. On the other hand, Wire ribbons are easy to tie. But they cost more.

Bonus OT tips

Beautiful products and fabulous wrapping will work only if buyers are able to find your products. Search engines / Etsy will show your products to a buyer looking for Mother’s Day products only if the keywords – ‘Mother’s Day’ / ‘Mother’s Day Gift’ are there in your titles, tags (Etsy) and descriptions. Check out this Etsy SEO article to learn more about making your products searchable. 

Dress your products for Mother's Day - products SEO searchable


With all this work to do, what about reaching out to your potential audience and spreading the word about your products?

Here’s what you can do – while you’re busy creating beautiful products and dressing them up for our lovely mothers, let OrangeTwig take care of your social media marketing.

With OrangeTwig, you can:

1. Create a Mother’s day sale:

Nothing excites a customer as much as a SALE. Put products on sale and promote it on all your social channels in a matter of minutes.

E.g – Here’s how your sale will be promoted:

Dress your products for Mother's Day - OrangeTwig, Product Sale

Create a Mother’s Day Product Sale now

2. Promote your Coupons

Don’t keep your coupons tucked away on your website. What’s the fun in that? Go crazy with your coupon promotions. And that too in dreamy designs.

E.g – This could be your coupon promotion:

Dress your products for Mother's Day - OrangeTwig's features, Coupons

Promote your Mother’s Day Coupons now

3. Show off your products

It’s important to remind your users that Mother’s Day is around the corner and they are running out of time to buy something for their mommy dears. Product posters are perfect for that. Elegant designs and the thoughtful messages and sure to get the point across.

E.g – A quick sneak-peek

Dress your products for Mother's Day - OrangeTwig's features, Product Posters

Create a Product Poster now

 4. Avoid becoming a product catalogue

Mother’s day is going to be a super charged time. You’ll be busy finishing your orders, packing them and handling customers. Whatever little time that you’ll be able to take out for your social channels will be for promoting your products, sales and discounts. Rightfully so – it’s a time sensitive occasion.

But people following your social page might not appreciate getting product after product in their social media feed. Some might even unfollow your page.

How can you avoid this? Follow the 80-20 rule. Only 20% of your posts should be about you or your products. Make sure you share engaging content that’s targeted to your fans. This could be articles, quotes, memes, videos, etc.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get that 80% of content with just few clicks?

Presenting (drumroll, please) Q-rator. With Q-rator, you’ll be able to find, schedule and post content from around the web in just few clicks.

Learn more about Q-rator here and sign up to get Bonus Offers and Free Posts.


So what are you waiting for? Mother’s day is just over a month away. It’s about time, don’t you think. Babies are getting desperate for gift ideas and mommys are looking forward to the perfect present.