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How to get the Facebook Pixel for your Etsy store


As of June 2020 Etsy has announced that the Facebook Pixel can no longer be added to your Etsy Marketplace shop. If you would like to use the Facebook pixel for your retargeting ads, we suggest you set up an e-commerce website.

Have you heard the big Etsy news?

Etsy now supports the Facebook Pixel which enables sellers to run Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your store based on your visitor data.

As a store owner, with the Pixel, you can use the same retargeting options available to Shopify and other online sellers. So, yes, the potential customer who visited and left your store without making a purchase? You can successfully tap into that demographic now.

Not sure about Facebook Retargeting Ads? Learn how they help you sell more here.

The Facebook Pixel Magic

The Pixel is a short code that gives Facebook information on who has visited your store, what items they browsed, if they added anything to cart, etc. Basically it monitors visitor behavior on your store.

Learn the benefits of installing the Pixel here, and how to set it up here.

For so long, Etsy didn’t have provisions to install the Pixel, so Facebook ads run by Etsians could only be run to cold audiences and not visitors with buying potential. This means a big percentage of almost-customers were entirely lost.

However, now with the Facebook Ads feature, Etsy automatically installs a Pixel on your store after you’ve created and run your first ad. Unlike other platforms, the process is a little long-winded, but once you run that first ad, imagine the potential you’ll be tapping right into.

Accessing Facebook Ads on Etsy

It's easy peasy. Go to Shop Manager.

Etsy shop manager

Click on Marketing.

etsy marketing tab

The Facebook Ads option will come up.

And there you have it!

Setting up the Facebook Pixel for your store

The important first step to getting that Pixel magic is to run a Facebook ad promoting your discount or your listing. Take a look at the steps required to share on social media from your shop.

Remember to check Promote on Facebook while choosing networks.

etsy promote on facebook

The next step is where you’ll have to enter the budget, duration and details of your ad. Here you’ll see a checkbox against the Pixel information. It’s essential that you keep the box checked.

Facebook pixel

Once your ad has been created, it’ll take Etsy a few hours to activate your Pixel.

You can verify if the Pixel has been successfully installed on your Etsy store through the Facebook Pixel Helper. It’s an extension that helps find out if a page is using a Pixel.

How to check the Facebook Pixel Helper Extension

Once the Pixel is active, you’ll get data on conversions, add to carts, product views and you’ll be able to target all these groups with separate campaigns.

Go ahead. Get that ad running.