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How to schedule Facebook posts with OrangeTwig

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Social media ninja or not, nobody wants to wake up at 2am just so they can send out a Facebook post. A good social media scheduling app can help you save quite a bit of time.

Scheduling Facebook posts in advance helps you plan out campaigns, effectively distribute your content and generally engage better with your followers.

Here’s how you can schedule posts to Facebook with OrangeTwig. But before we get to that….

Do you really need OrangeTwig?

You probably already know this but I’ll mention it again just in case. Facebook has an inbuilt scheduler tool that is perfectly adequate for many businesses out there. If all you intend to do is to schedule occasional posts with mostly text content. This should have you covered.

Facebook scheduler screengrab

If on the other hand you post regularly and include visual content then you should consider using a content scheduling tool.

The thing is, most of these tools aren’t really meant for eCommerce stores. Promoting an online store on social media is not quite the same thing as promoting something else, say a blog.

You are likely to be sharing a lot of product posts.

Did merchandising just start running a last minute Christmas and New Year sale?

Guess who has to come up with a social media campaign for each one? YOU AGAIN! This means you have to work on separate creatives for each one and then work on the promotions.

This is where OrangeTwig can help.

OrangeTwig connects directly to your Shopify or Etsy store. Any time you want to promote your products or a sale you simply start a campaign and OrangeTwig will take care of the scheduling and posting for you.

The best part is that OrangeTwig has an inbuilt creative suite which means you can create, design and schedule your social media posts all in one place.

Schedule product posts to Facebook

It’s important to keep things interesting with your Facebook posts. Share the same set of product images over and over again and your followers are likely to get into the habit of simply ignoring your posts.

Problem is, maintaining variety is easier said than done. Luckily we have you covered with the Auto-Pilot feature.

Start one of these campaigns and OrangeTwig will pick products from your store, fit them into attractive layouts and promote them on Facebook and on other social media channels.

All you have to do is decide when and how often you want to post. Here’s how you can set up an Auto-Pilot campaign on OrangeTwig

  • Select the Auto-Pilot promotion from the Marketing tab.
OrangeTwig marketing tab
  • Set the start date for your Auto-Pilot.
  • Select specific products you want to promote or choose to promote all your products.
  • Set the frequency and timing of your posts and then click on the Create Marketing Plan button.
  • At this point you could choose to add different caption variants and other social media channels as well.
Edit autopilot post timing and frequency screen
  • OrangeTwig will then create your marketing plan, simply click on the Schedule Plan button to start posting.

Schedule a deal a day for your Facebook followers.

Discounts sell, but above that, they also serve as a great way to get people into your store.

Southpark gif - holiday season rush gif

With OrangeTwig you can put one product from your store on sale everyday. The best part is that once you’ve set this up, OrangeTwig will then auto-schedule the relevant posts to your Facebook account. Simply review and approve the marketing plan and you are good to go.Here’s how you can set up a daily deal on OrangeTwig.

  • Select the Daily Deal promotion from the Marketing tab.
  • Click on the Create Sale button.
  • Name your sale and choose how much of a discount you want to offer.
Set up a daily deal on OrangeTwig
  • Choose the products you want to put on sale. Since we are putting one product on sale every day, the number of products you choose will determine how long your sale runs. For example, if you choose 7 products, OrangeTwig will put one item on sale everyday for 7 days.
  • You can then choose to add a prefix label to each product post. Doing so will give a visual cue to your users that the product is on sale.
  • Click on Schedule Sale.
  • Set your post frequency and timings. Feel free to customize this as much as you want to. Want to have your Facebook posts go out on a different schedule than your other social media posts? Done! When you are finished, click on the Create Marketing Plan button.
  • Schedule your Plan to start promoting your Daily Deal.

Discover and share engaging content to Facebook

Selling on Facebook is not just about posting product pictures or promotions. It’s also about keeping your followers engaged and interested.

Sharing non product content is a great way to do that.  It’s best to stick to the 80:20 rule, that is 80% general interest content and 20% product content.


Well sometimes. :)

cat in a pirate outfit
Case in pawnt....

OrangeTwig has you covered on both counts. Use the Q-rator tool to share engaging non product content and something like the Daily Deal or the Auto-Pilot to promote products.

Here’s how you can use Q-rator to schedule posts to Facebook.

  • Select Q-rator from the Marketing tab.
  • Use the Queue section to create a new queue for your Facebook queue.
  • Use the feed section to discover new content. You have access to over 600 content sources right out of the box.
Find engaging content with Q-rator
  • You can also choose to add your own content sources.
  • See something that your followers may like? Simply add it to your Facebook queue and we’ll share it at the appropriate time.

Guess what? That’s not all OrangeTwig can do for you. You can use OrangeTwig to schedule quotes, sale promotions, coupons and more to Facebook. Check it out for yourself, click here for a FREE 7 day trial.

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