How to use Customer Reviews to Increase Sales

Good reviews make me Happy

A good customer review totally makes my day!

If you run a business, the same is probably true for you.

But that’s not all. Reviews are also incredibly powerful in influencing behavior and building trust.

Spread the Love

We already know that customer reviews impact purchase decisions.
Online reviews statistics

It stands to reason, then, that sharing your positive reviews can play a huge role in growing your business. And a great place to showcase these reviews to potential buyers is on Social Media.

Why you need to Share your Reviews

1. I’ll have what she’s having

People are social by nature and are strongly guided by the behavior of others. The fancy name given to this by psychologists is Social Proof.

For instance, if there are two restaurants side-by-side – one overflowing with customers and the other empty, which one will you choose? The full one, right? Well, there’s Social Proof in action.

When you share your reviews, potential buyers see that others like them are already using and loving your products and, so, are more likely to buy from you.

 Reviews - Social Proof

2. Trust me

Reviews built trust because of their objectivity.

Anyone can say good things about their own products. But when you see rave reviews from someone who is not affiliated to a brand – who, in fact, has actually spent money buying from the brand – it seems like the real deal.

 Reviews - Trust me

3. Forget me not

It’s important to stay at the top of your customers’ minds. But sometimes it can feel spammy to only post about your products or sales. Customer reviews are a great way to ‘promote without promoting’.

Sharing a happy customer’s testimonial and saying something like “There’s nothing quite like some customer loving” is friendly, non-intrusive and yet reminds your fans about your awesome products.

 Reviews - brand awareness

How OrangeTwig can help

With OrangeTwig, you can fit your best reviews into attractive, professionally designed templates and schedule them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr in under 5 minutes!

Your Review templates include your product photo, customer name and testimonial.

Here’s how it works:

Check out our step-by-step guide on how you can share reviews.

Have you started sharing your Reviews yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts on how it worked out for your store.

If not, what are you waiting for? Share your Reviews now.


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