Instagram Just Dropped A BOMB! Multiple Pics In A Single Post

Ok, so get ready for this! Instagram will soon allow you to share up to 10 images and videos in a SINGLE post. That actually made us go whaatt?!

giphy (2)


In all honesty, this carousel option (5 images) was always available to the advertisers on this app, and the roll-out for us users was planned for ‘some time in future’. And Feb 22 turned out to be our lucky day! This update is available as part of the Instagram version 10.9 for iOS and for Android on Google Play.

So, whether it is multiple images from your latest line of products or behind-the-scenes sneak peek of your workshop (or even your party!), all you need to do is follow three simple steps:

  1. Tap + and go to Library
  2. Use the stack option to add images/videos
  3. Adjust the image – zoom/crop

And finally, you can change the order or add different filters to all of them. The post will show up with a single caption and a row of blue dots, so that your followers can swipe left or right to view it.

This is an awesome long awaited upgrade for everybody, especially for small sellers. Imagine, now you can create these multi-photo albums for your upcoming events like Easter, Mother’s Day, 4th of July etc. You could create a theme around anything and everything!

As of now you can upload square-only images. That’s a bit of a bummer. But don’t start deleting your vertical/horizontal product images just because you can’t use them on Instagram! OrangeTwig is your social media marketing wizard! You can design, schedule, and promote your product sales, and coupons with us. OrangeTwig’s layouts are square-only and they auto-fit images of any dimensions within those specs. AND what would make your Instagram marketing even more easier is our Hashtag Research tool that will help you find the most relevant hashtags.

Orange Twig Layout1 OrangeTwig Layout 2 OrangeTwig Layout 3OrangeTwig Layout 5

Happy Selling!