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Instagram Made Easy: A hands-on guide to OrangeTwig's InstaSuccess Toolkit

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UPDATE: The InstaSuccess Toolkit for hashtag research is no longer available. We shall continue updating as and when that changes.

Today Instagram is by far the most profitable channel for online sellers. Consumers are 58x more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram compared to Facebook and 120x more likely compared to Twitter (study by Forrester).So you can't afford to miss out.

OrangeTwig's InstaSuccess Toolkit makes it easy to grow your following, engage with your audience and, most importantly, boost sales through Instagram. Here's the lowdown:

1. Research your hashtags. Make them relevant.

Instagram functions on the basis of hashtags. It's how your post shows up to the public. It's how other users discover you. It's how you get found in the big jungle of social media.Basically, it's how you get popular.Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags per post. While this is great, it has also led to hashtag spam i.e. using popular hashtags in completely unrelated posts just to get traffic. For instance, I searched for '#yoga' and come across an ad for a video game:

Instagram spammy hashtags

This has led to Instagram tightening its reins by banning a huge number of hashtags that have been misused.To ensure that your post does not get banned, it is important to use relevant hashtags.

This is where OrangeTwig's hashtag research tool can be incredibly helpful.Let's say you're a seller of maternity wear. If you type in 'maternity' in the search field of the hashtag research tool, you will get trending hashtags and related hashtags associated with 'maternity'.

trending hashtags
related hashtags

Here, you can see hashtags that are currently trending along with #maternity, as well as hashtags related to it. As a seller of maternity clothing, #maternitystyle, #maternityfashion will be relevant for your posts. As you scroll down, you will find more such relevant hashtags.Basically, here's how the hashtag research tool works:

Okay, so you've found relevant, highly targeted hashtags. But you don't want to use them for every single post—day in and day out. For one, this is limiting your audience to those interested in the 30 hashtags that you have shortlisted. For another, you may have different types of products and need different hashtags for each.So what's the solution?

Well, with OrangeTwig, you can create multiple lists that can then be attached to your automated social media posts.

So, returning to our example of maternity wear, you could have hashtag lists for nursing, dresses, pants, tops, swimsuit, belt, maternity style, sale ... you get the idea. Now for a post about a nursing top on sale, you would include the lists 'nursing', 'top' and 'sale'.

Create as many lists as you like—in fact we recommend having at least 10 lists with 5-10 hashtags each to keep your posts evergreen.

maternity hashtags list

2. Like, comment, repost to increase engagement.

You know what they say—you get what you give? It's the same with social media.

If you want likes and comments and proper engagement, you have to give back likes and comments and engagement. Sounds like a lot of work? Not if you're using OrangeTwig's InstaSuccess Toolkit.

While you're searching for a particular hashtag, all posts tagged with that hashtag show up in the right column.

As a seller of maternity wear, your target audience is probably using tags like #maternitystyle or #maternityfashion. When I type 'maternitystyle' into OrangeTwig's search bar, the right column shows me the latest posts using this hashtag:

maternity style

Great, there's your target customer right there!And it's a perfect time to engage with her as she's online and has just posted on Instagram. Post a cute comment on her image and she's likely to check out who you are and, hopefully, take a look at your products.

Through OrangeTwig, you can like, comment, regram her post with just one click. This saves a lot of time as you do not have to find a post, click on it, type out a comment and so on. Just scroll, click, repeat!

There's also a preset comments list, which means you don't have to type out the comments each time. And you can keep adding your own comments to this list.

preset comments
New comment

Take a look at the video below to see how it works:

Best of all, you don't need to worry about violating Instagram's policies! The InstaSuccess toolkit has been reviewed and approved by Instagram.

3. Make your posts clickable. Turn your followers into customers.

For sellers, Instagram's biggest shortcoming is that it allows only one clickable link—in the bio.

So if a browser on Instagram is interested in one of your products, she first has to go to your bio, click on your shop link and then search for that particular product in your shop. This is hard if she doesn't know the name of your product, and even more frustrating if she is on mobile—which is how most people browse Instagram.

With OrangeTwig's Clickable Links, you can take buyers straight through to the product that they are interested in!

All the big brands are already doing this. Just watch the video below to see how you can join them.

Add clickable posts to your Instagram and never lose out on customers again!

4. Design your products for the right appeal.

The easiest way to make your product photograph stand out is to add a filter to it. An even better way to make your overall Instagram feed look consistent is to use the same filter throughout. Just make sure you don't go overboard with it—adjust the settings so that it appears like naturally good photo.The OrangeTwig Designer lets you edit your photos any way you want. You can give your posts the Photoshop-like finish you've always wanted, without having the professional design skill-set! This way you won't have to check out another app to adjust your photographs. You can do it all under one app roof.

Check out our post on how to develop a visual theme for your Instagram account.

Your guide to success ...

... is now at your fingertips. All you need to do is sign up for OrangeTwig and you'll be flying high in Instagram colors!

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