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Instagram shuts down Instagress but YOU can still increase your engagement

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Instagress is dead

The Big News today is that Instagram has shut down Instagress, a popular botting service that would let you automatically like and comment on other accounts without actually engaging with them.

If you visit the Instagress website now, you'll be greeted with this message:

This is being looked upon as a move by Instagram to crack down on all fake account activity. An estimated 8% of all Instagram accounts are managed by bots, clearly violating the platform's policy. If you have been using Instagress or any of the other automated likes/comments services, this must seem like a huge blow.

But ... WAIT! All's not lost.

Real engagement has value

Botting services don't allow any real engagement among users. You might see your follower count shoot up as a result of the comments and likes you leave behind on posts you don't even actually see, but it's not a very effective way to manage your business. You will have followers, but will you have customers?

A smarter move is to organically increase Instagram engagement with your target audience. But how would you do that when you don't have enough time at hand?

OrangeTwig to the rescue

With OrangeTwig's InstaSuccess Toolkit, you can leave likes and comments on your favorite posts within minutes, while adhering to Instagram's policies.

Suppose you're selling yoga-wear. Your potential customers would be practitioners of yoga. How do you find them? On the hashtag research tool, type in 'yoga'. A number of related hashtags will pop up. Let's say you choose 'yogaaddict'. All the latest posts tagged with 'yogaaddict' will show up on the right column.

Instagram yoga addict search

You can scroll down the post list and like or comment whichever ones you choose to engage with. To make it quicker, the comments are pre-set. Manage your presets by updating them with new comments whenever you choose. This way, you don't waste time scrolling and opening a post to comment, plus, you save typing time.

Preset Comments for Instagram

Personalize your comments, add emojis - take it any which way you want.

Here's a step-by step guide on the process:

Voila! This way you organically reach out to multiple potential customers at one go and watch sale conversions take off.

Convert Instagram posts to sales

Clever, quicktime marketing is the key to giving your sales a boost. There are enough social channels to give you the visibility you need, but not enough time to let you manage them all efficiently.

This is where OrangeTwig's InstaSuccess Toolkit comes in handy.

  • The hashtag research tool will bring up all hashtags relevant to your search word. You will be able to see the other hashtags used in recent posts by users as well as the most popular hashtags related to the searched hashtag. Plus, with preset comments you organically engage with several accounts without violating Instagram's policies. You save a lot of time here, as you don't have to scroll, open a post and then comment on it. Just scroll and comment! You can regram (repost) any post you like in the same way. Click on the video below to see how to best utilize the tool.
  • With clickable posts, you can directly lead your customers to your sale site. Currently, the only clickable link on Instagram is in the bio. But with this tool, you can make all your posts clickable.


We are excited to offer early access to our powerful new feature Q-rator. With Q-rator you will be able to schedule the best content from the web for your Social Media … in seconds! Learn more about Q-rator and sign up to get Bonus Offers and Free Posts.

And there you have it!

Don't let the Instagress news give you sleepless nights because OrangeTwig is here to take your worries away and bring you real Instagram engagement to boost your sales without taking up all your time.

Happy sales!

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