How to survive the busy seaosn

Learn how to SURVIVE the BUSY season

If you’re an online seller then you must already be pulling your hair thinking about the next 3 months. After all, not 1, not 2, but 5 Holidays are coming up – Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July and Christmas in July.

Without adequate preparation, you could lose out on potential sales.

How can you equip yourself for this crazy busy time – 

1. Inventory

The worst thing that can happen to a business is not being able to fulfill an order. It has a direct impact on your brand image. Here’s what you can do to avoid such a situation – 

a) Track inventoryDecide on a minimum quantity that you should have at all times and as soon as you are nearing that number, place an order. To come up with this number, you can consider: 

  1. Previous orders around the same time of the year
  2. The time it takes to get that order. For instance, you know that you’ll take 3 days to get the item and you sell about 2-3 items per day. In this case, your minimum limit can be 3*3, i.e. 9 items.

b) Contingency planning: Be ready with a plan B. Keep some back-up suppliers ready who can fulfill your order if your primary supplier can’t.

c) Consider drop shipping: Use drop shipping to completely avoid the hassle of managing inventory. For resources and tips on Drop shipping, check out Shopify’s Guide.

If you do end up not having a particular item, make sure that you inform the customer of the situation and the tentative time by when you can ship the item.   

2. Customer Support

Customers get extremely finicky about support during holidays. Late on a ‘Mother’s Day’ delivery? You won’t hear the end of it. And rightfully so, since most of these orders are gifts.

So it’s important to:

a) Inform: You already know that these are your rush-months and you won’t be able to respond at your usual speed. Put up a banner or a notice on your website / social channels informing users about the delay.

b) PrioritizeDuring these times, it’s important to respond to critical messages first. If a customer’s order hasn’t reached or if someone is unable to place an order, answer them first.


In addition to staying organized and being there for your customers, there is one more crucial thing that you need to keep track of.

Any guesses?

Maximizing sales! After all, Holidays and gifts go hand in hand.

So make sure your shop is the first stop for a customer looking to buy her mom a Mother’s Day gift or someone looking for a 4th of July sale.

Fear not, we’ve got your back. With OrangeTwig, social media marketing is just a matter of few clicks.

Here’s what all you can do under 5 minutes (seriously, that’s all the time it takes):

1. Create a Sale and Promote it

No matter what platform you’re on, creating a sale can take up a lot of time. But with OrangeTwig, you’ll be able to create a sale and promote it in super-stunning layouts in no time. We don’t stop just there, the text of the social media posts is optimized for conversions.

E.g. Here’s how your Father’s Day sale can look.

How to survive the busy season - OT product sale

Create a Sale Now

2. Promote your Coupons

Coupons are great for attracting customers. Haven’t you ever searched for coupons while purchasing? But, there is no point of having a coupon, if your buyers don’t know about them. Social media post with a simple text or an image of the coupon won’t work. To really convert, you need posts that are designed for clicks.

E.g. How about these stellar coupon designs. They can be on your page without you having spent any time designing them.

How to survive the busy season - OT Coupons

Promote Coupon Now 

3. Create a Daily Deal

There is no better promotion to get customers to your shop everyday than Daily Deals / Deal of the Day. But, manually setting a Daily Deal can be a pain. Use OrangeTwig to create and promote your Daily Deal without any effort.

E.g. Check out these daily deal designs.

How to survive this busy season - OT Coupon Code

Create a Daily Deal now

4. Post your products in stunning designs

Do you create products suited for different occasions? Do potential buyers know about these products? Tell them! But don’t post simple images with links. If you want your posts to be noticed, they have to stand out. OrangeTwig’s designs can help you in making your posts stunning.

E.g. Why post simple product images when you can post these?

How to survive the busy season - OT Product Posters

Promote Products Now

5. Don’t forget the 80-20 rule

With the holiday madness going on, whatever little time that you’ll be able to take out for your social channels will be for promoting your products, sales and discounts. Rightfully so – it’s a time sensitive occasion.

But people following your social page might not appreciate getting product after product in their social media feed. Some might even unfollow your page.

How can you avoid this? Follow the 80-20 rule. Only 20% of your posts should be about you or your products. Make sure you share engaging content that’s targeted to your fans. This could be articles, quotes, memes, videos etc.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get that 80% of content with just few clicks?

Presenting (drumroll, please) Q-rator. With Q-rator, you’ll be able to find, schedule and post content from around the web in just few clicks. Learn more about Q-rator here and sign up to get Bonus Offers and Free Posts.

There you go, you’re all set for the upcoming Holiday season. Just sit back and keep creating.

I hope these tips helped you. What are you doing for these Holidays?

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