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New ‘Shop the Look’ Pinterest Ads set to boost Marketing

On Monday, Pinterest announced a variety of new features and updates that will affect how you, as a brand, showcase your products in an ad, and how your audience interacts with your ads. Not only that, Pinterest also announced a redesign for business profiles that gives them a fresh and intuitive look.Let’s talk a little more about these features!

The New ‘Shop the Look’ Ads

Source: Pinterest Newsroom, Sept 23, 2019

First off, the new Shop the Look Collection Ads provide a simple way for any brand to showcase up to four products in a single ad.

These ads show up in all Pins relevant to your product and provide customers a direct checkout through your website to complete a purchase. You can even tag 25 items in the image to improve ad relevance.

This new, interactive ad format is certainly very pretty, and is sure to catch your audience’s attention. It’s already catching ours!

Pinterest will be rolling out Shop the Look Ads across the US over the coming months. Their organic Shop the Look features however are currently available to select partners around the world, including countries like the UK, Brazil, Germany, France, and Japan.

Redesigned Business Profiles

Source: Pinterest Newsroom, Sept 23, 2019

Any brand, small or big, is going to love this!

Pinterest is putting your brand’s Pins and products right up front. You can now drive traffic and sales directly to your website using the new, dedicated Shop tab which allows customers to shop within your profile itself.

Customize a fresh new look for your profile by changing your profile cover with an image or a video highlighting your brand’s story and enhancing audience engagement. The upcoming update to the messaging system also helps you provide a place for customer support and feedback.

Catalogs, Shopping Ads are now international!

Source: Pinterest Newsroom, Sept 23, 2019

This is an exciting one too!

Remember the Catalogs feature introduced by Pinterest earlier this year?
It’s going global with Pinterest now extending this feature to France, Germany, Spain, and Italy!

Alongside Catalogs, they are also bringing Shopping Ads to all these countries as well.

Why bother?

Pinterest is a sanctuary for inspirational and visually appealing media. It’s easy to find all sorts of images, videos and GIFs on almost any topic.

This makes Pinterest the perfect platform for highly creative and relevant advertisements without disrupting a buyer’s journey. These new features reinforce Pinterest as an excellent platform for ads and are sure to give brands a boost in sales.

What do you think about the new updates? Love it, hate it? Let us know in the comments below!

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