OrangeTwig raises $1 million funding

The Beginning

When Karan and I got married, I was designing and selling sterling silver gifts on eBay. I had great products and fantastic customer feedback but one big problem – getting found. Even my friends and family didn’t know what I sold.

Despite being a software engineer, Karan was unable to find an effective, easy-to-use and reasonably priced tool to help me.

This problem stuck with him and 4 years ago, he decided to leave his job as Senior Manager at Yahoo to address this issue. That’s when he started OrangeTwig to help small online sellers market their shops on Social Media.   

Very soon we were joined by Sakhil – at 22, he was the youngest winner of the SAP Global Innovation Challenge and had already tried his hand at a start-up. Within a year, we were a team of 8 and had launched the OrangeTwig marketing app for Etsy sellers.

We now have over 18,000 users and are available for sellers on Etsy, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Ecwid.

AMAZING site. Loving it! [OrangeTwig] makes it SO easy to post to everywhere at once, make sales, deals of the day and sosososo much more. my life, and business just got ten times easier!
– B and Z Anderson from SageArtisans


team_orngtwig_01Like all small businesses, we didn’t have much money. For 4 years, the company was financed from our personal savings, which meant long hours with no income or benefits.

As Sakhil’s wedding was finalized and Karan & I had a beautiful baby girl, it got harder and harder to manage. We also wished that we could do more for our users. We needed more engineers to support our growing customer-base and we definitely needed to hire customer support reps in the US who could respond to issues faster than we could from India’s time zone.

To help solve these issues, we finally decided that it was time to raise outside funds.

We are thrilled to announce that, in October 2016, we raised a $1million seed round from the founder of a multi-billion dollar messaging app in the Silicon Valley.

Hey, I already got a sale from my “May Mens Hair Product Sale” marketing plan! It just started today and I already got an order! WOW! – Marsallai from Maddieloos

Main Idea

The OrangeTwig app automates Social Media marketing for e-commerce sellers. We help sellers create and promote shop sales and discounts including Holiday discounts like Valentines Day, Black Friday etc. Our USP is simplicity – a seller needs no technical, design or analytical skills to use OrangeTwig.

Social media is a visual medium, but most small business owners lack knowledge of tools like Photoshop to design visually compelling graphics to market their products. OrangeTwig solves this problem.


We also have a dedicated toolkit for Instagram marketing – a channel that is outperforming most other social media channels.

The Marketing feature is truly great! It produces fantastic posters for social media which makes one look very professional 🙂 …and the fact that it is all automated lessens my burden even further. Really, OrangeTwig is a breakthrough in online marketing! – Elizabeth from PioneerArt

Our Team

Karan Jassar Karan Jassar (Founder)

Karan worked for many years in advertising (search marketing, display ads, Yahoo-Bing merger) at Yahoo, before giving it all up to start The Orange App. A wannabe philosopher, he sees entrepreneurship as a means for bringing about social change.

When not working, Karan loves beach bumming, sleeping, eating and, quite paradoxically, adventure sports.

Sakhil Chawla Sakhil Chawla (Co-founder)

Religious about cricket and an avid quizzer, Sakhil is also deeply concerned about socio-political issues. He loves running marathons, traveling and is an aspiring writer. In 2011, Sakhil was the youngest participant to win the SAP global innovation challenge in 40 years.

Passionate about startups, Sakhil believes that to be a true entrepreneur, you have to live and breathe the philosophy “Why are you trying to fit in when you are born to stand out”.

sahiba-profile Sahiba Sandhu (Co-founder)

An experienced yoga teacher and ardent Scrabble player, Sahiba loves dogs, horse-riding, dancing, water sports and tattoos. She studied at UCL and the Annenberg School, USC (go Trojans!) before starting her own eBay and Etsy stores. At OrangeTwig, Sahiba is responsible for marketing, content and community building.

A little known fact – Sahiba used to be a weather presenter on India’s national TV channel.

Dheeraj Singla Dheeraj Singla (Engineer)

After 4 years in web development with large corporates, Dheeraj decided to follow his passion and join OrangeTwig – a young start-up. He takes great pride in his code quality and writing efficient and optimized software. His mantra – eat, sleep, code, repeat.

Dheeraj is always ready for a new adventure and to try something new.

The layouts are perfectly designed…I have finally found something that will work for my advertising needs, and the best part is I can do it all myself! – Julie from TheLoveKnotShop

Tarun Samvedi Tarun Samvedi (UI / UX Designer)

An engineer and a designer, Tarun is responsible for the look and feel of the OrangeTwig app. He can usually be found listening to music on his headphones and plays the guitar and the flute.

Tarun has an very low bar when it comes to humor and is easily amused by his own jokes!

 akanksha1 Akanksha Chauhan (Marketing & Customers)

A die-hard feminist who loves to knit, Akanksha is full of contradictions.

She enjoys traveling, and can usually be found curled up with a good book and a glass of wine.


Sachin Negi

 Sachin Negi (Lead Designer)

Our resident artist, Sachin is the go-to man for all our design needs. He loves photography and can often be found in the nooks and crannies of New Delhi, getting the perfect pic for his Instagram account.

Fun fact – Sachin was recently featured by Humans of Delhi.

Prachi Swaroop Prachi Swaroop (Graphic Designer)

With her bubbly personality, Prachi is the ‘baby’ of the team. She loves painting, traveling, crafting and watching movies.

Prachi is a tiny package with a huge appetite – a non-discriminating foodie, she relishes everything from chocolates to chicken.

I really like your software! Especially the new Marketing Plan…It’s so helpful to have the posts out there, even when I’m not. Your software really drives traffic & I am really, really happy with it. It’s very professional…it’s way above anything else out there.” – Diana Zurcher from AlaModeBeads