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Table of contents

Do you have Social Media paralysis?

Do you dread the amount of time it takes to decide what to post, design attractive visuals, remain on top of best practices, and figure out the optimal posting times and frequencies for each social channel? Not just once, but day in and day out?

What if I told you that, with the OrangeTwig Marketing Plan, you could do all of this and schedule 100s of compelling posts to promote your shop on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr—all in a matter of minutes?

OrangeTwig - Yes You can

What is the OrangeTwig Marketing Plan

The OrangeTwig Marketing Plan is a series of Social Media posts that showcase your shop and products.

These posts are auto-created by OrangeTwig, but are specific to your shop. Your products are fitted into attractive layouts and scheduled across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr for up to 30 days.

OrangeTwig - Social Media Marketing Plan

Your shop name, product details, relevant sale information and a link to your shop are also automatically included in each post.

How it Works

Once you connect your online store* to OrangeTwig, we maintain an up-to-date catalog of all your products in your OrangeTwig dashboard.

You can now create various promotions for your shop using OrangeTwig and automatically share these across Social Media using the Marketing Plan.

Creating your Marketing Plan

Choose any of the following Marketing promotions:

Product Sale: Create a Sale for any products on your website. See video.

Daily Deal: Put one item on sale every day and draw buyers in—daily. Learn more.

Coupon Code: Announce your coupons codes on Social Media. See Video.

Auto-Pilot: No sale? No problem. Maintain top-of-the-mind-recall by sharing your products on social media regularly.

OrangeTwig will now create compelling, professionally designed promotional layouts for your products.

The layouts will be designed around your Marketing promotion. For instance, a Daily Deal layout will include text like ‘Today Only’, while a Product Sale layout will have your discount details.

OrangeTwig Marketing Plan layouts


1. Designed to Sell

Layouts are crafted to convert. The focus is on your product and appropriate Calls-To-Action (‘Shop Now’ or ‘Hurry, Sale Ending Soon’) are included to emphasize urgency and encourage sales.

OrangeTwig - CTA

2. Best Fit

Your products are always displayed to their best advantage. For instance, our algorithm will always fit a wide product photo into layouts designed for wider images. This means that your products will never be cut out or cropped.

OrangeTwig - best fit

3. Captions that Convert

Have you ever forgotten an important detail when sharing a product - like the coupon code, product title or even the link to your product?  OrangeTwig automatically includes all relevant details in your post captions.

OrangeTwig - captions

4. Emoji

The hardest part of social media is standing out in a sea of posts. OrangeTwig uses emoji as a fun, attractive way to grab your reader's attention.

OrangeTwig - emojis

5. Hashtags

#hashtags help you get found or be part of a conversation on Social Media. OrangeTwig automatically adds relevant hashtags to your Social Media posts. Not just that, you can also create targeted Hashtag Lists specific to your business and audience.

OrangeTwig - hashtag research

6. Optimized Posting

Each social network has its own best practices when it comes to posting frequency and timings. OrangeTwig will do the research for you and automatically customize your posting schedule according to your connected Social Media channels.

OrangeTwig - Post settings

7. Select Your Layouts

Have a particular look and feel in mind? You can exclude any layouts that you feel are not suitable for your shop or products.

OrangeTwig - select layouts

8. Fully Customizable

Of course, you’ll always be able to edit any aspect of your Marketing Plan—layout design, colors, captions, scheduling - that you choose to.

OrangeTwig - editing & customization

Become a Social Media Pro

So what are you waiting for? See how easy Social Media Marketing can be.

  • Save time
  • No technical skills needed
  • No design skills needed

Start your 7 day Free Trial now (no credit card required).

*OrangeTwig currently supports stores on Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce and Ecwid.

is a digital advertising platform for eCommerce brands. Our Branded Catalog is the industry leader in dynamic catalog advertising and product feeds.

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