Shopify's new feature, Sell on Instagram

Selling on Instagram: Shoppable tags now available to Shopify sellers

Along with Facebook, Messenger, and Buzzfeed, Shopify has another integration that is going to make the platform’s online stores extremely happy.

After testing Instagram’s shoppable posts for the better part of the year, Shopify is opening it up to thousands of its sellers.

This feature will allow sellers to tag products, for sale, in their posts. Currently, these tags are only visible to Instagram users in the U.S. But, customers can actually buy the product from the seller’s store by simply clicking on a link, and without even leaving the app.


Shopify rolling out new integration for shopping on Instagram
Image: Shopify

Currently, to avail this test feature, Shopify merchants need to be approved by Instagram and the review is on up until Oct 16. Check this link immediately to see if you fit the bill.   

With access to the social channel’s 500 million active users every day, this opportunity has come just in time for the busy holiday season.

Instagram’s shoppable posts were first introduced late last year and the feature was only  available to a handful of big brands like Kate Spade, Macy’s, and Warby Parker. Then came the Shopify & BigCommerce integration announcement. Since then, Shopify has been testing this feature with a select few sellers.

The platform will keep modifying this feature with this rollout, before it opens up the gates for everybody.