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The latest in eCommerce Dec 18th – 29th

It’s that time of the year again. The holiday season is finally winding down and it’s time to take stock of everything that went down this year and sort out your plans for the next. Our latest roundup will give you enough to think about in that regard.

Facebook just a bit got more musical

Facebook just announced a licensing deal with Universal Music Group(UMG) that will let users upload videos that contain licensed music.

The fat lady Harry Potter gif


What does this change? Well for one thing you are less likely to be sued for copyright violation anytime you use popular music in your videos.

Facebook is also working with UMG to introduce more “music-based products” across the platform. And don’t worry, nobody really knows what that means but for the moment it looks like we all have another aid in creating engaging content.

I’m going to go ahead and add Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to all my Facebook videos. 🙂 What are you going to add?

Enabling “rich” search results just got easier

Have you ever noticed that on some Google searches, the results look a little different than usual. There’s a little extra info on display – ratings, reviews, prices and more. Here’s an example

Rich results example - google search results


These are what Google calls Rich Results. To get this to work, you add the relevant data into your site and Google then displays it alongside your site info.

The problem is, enabling this sometimes requires a bit of technical know how. Even with that, it’s often hard to see if you’ve got it right or what the end results might look like.

Google just released a Rich Results testing tool that is just the thing you need. Simply paste in your site URL to get started. At the moment the tool supports tests for Recipes, Jobs, Movies, and Courses but this list will only grow.


Here are a couple of key features:

  • Get suggestions on other data points you can add:

This is the one that I’m most excited about.

Google constantly enables new data fields and it’s a little hard to keep track of each one. With the new tester tool, you simply have to paste in your site url to get suggestions on what else you can add to your search listing.

Rich results testing tool - get suggestions on other data points you could add


  • Preview search results:

You can also get an idea of what your listing will look like on the search results page. Click on the “Preview Search Results” link to do so.

Click here to get straight to the testing tool.


Facebook’s cracking down on engagement bait!

Facebook is about 75% spam, 17% cat gifs and 8% everything else!

Barney Stinson true story meme


Engagement baiting has been a bit of problem on Facebook for quite some time now. We’ve all seen versions of the following.

engagement bait facebook


The higher engagement rates on these posts ensures they feature prominently on newsfeeds at the expense of other content.

Early last week, Facebook announced that it has begun demoting individual posts that fit this description.

Facebook says they will continue to push more similar updates to their NewsFeed algorithm as part of a bigger move to prioritize less spammy, more authentic content.


What this means for you:

I’m a bit torn about this.

On one hand this move is going to make sure authentic content gets more attention and that’s great news.

On the other hand the update could also mean we may no longer be able to use layout or posts that asks for engagement. I’m not talking about spammy content here. Let’s say you post a picture of two upcoming products and encourage your followers to comment and pick one. Facebook is now likely to see that as engagement bait.

Like with most things, we’ll have to wait and see how this one pans out. You can expect the algorithm to get better over time, but initially at least we may see some authentic content getting penalised.

One thing is clear though, if you tend to post a lot of engagement-baity content you should expect to see your reach go down. Not just for individual posts but for your page on the whole.

On that note, SHARE THIS BLOG, will you? … Just don’t tell Facebook I asked you to.


Driving traffic to your online store from your blog

Do you run a blog?

Are your traffic numbers ok but are you still struggling to push your visitors to buy from your store? This one’s for you.

Andrew Youderian from the eCommerce Fuel podcast sits down with Anastasia Petukhova from to discuss content marketing.

A few points they discuss:

  • Should all your content be about making a sale
  • Working with freelance writers
  • Writing content that people want to read

Listen to the podcast here.


What do you think about the Facebook NewsFeed algorithm changes? Do you have tips on driving blog visitors to store? Let us know in the comments below.