The latest in eCommerce Dec 5th - 14th

The latest in eCommerce Dec 5th – 14th

Instagram of late has been a bit like a gift that keeps on giving!

We’ve had the stories update, the live video update and more, all within just a few weeks. Something tells me they aren’t done yet either. Their “war” with Snapchat has ensured that we get a constant stream of new and exciting features.

Cat fighting gif - Instagram vs Snapchat Instagram vs Snapchat

We cover a few more of those updates in our latest eCommerce and Social Media roundup. Read on!

Save and highlight your favourite Instagram Stories

Part of the the appeal of Instagram Stories is that each one is available only for 24 hours. But sometimes, that’s precisely what’s annoying about it as well.

Imagine spending a day crafting that perfect story only for it to disappear after just one day. No trace, no memories (see what I did there?…Snapchat…”Memories”?) nothing at all.

Well, not anymore!

From now on your Stories get saved to a private archive once they expire. You can also group a few expired Stories together to create Story Highlights.

Save instagram stories and create highlightsImages via Instagram

What this means for you:


This is huge plus if you are low on time. Instead of having to create a new Story, simply re-purpose old Stories by grouping them into a Highlight.

You can also create themed Highlights, for example all posts related to a specific collection/category from your store.

Having all of your old Stories saved also means that you can go back to them for inspiration.


A Facebook Messenger bot for your Pinterest account

Pinterest is almost perfect for eCommerce!

The theme makes it easy to feature products and other visually engaging content. The problem though is that people are still more likely to be elsewhere on social media. Facebook, for example, has over twice the traffic.

What if you could have the best of both? Facebook’s huge audience and the engagement possibilities of Pinterest. The latest update may get you just that. Pinterest just rolled out a Messenger bot that will let users view pins directly in the Messenger chat window. You simply have to run a search and the bot will show you a selection of pins that fit your search.

What this means for you:

A lot will depend on exactly how the bot decides to pick up content from Pinterest.

Take the screenshot below, I’ve run a search for “Food” and the bot shows me a selection of pins out of what must have been millions that fit my search.

Messenger bot for Pinterest
Are we going to see an SEO like situation coming up here? Are we going to be able to pay and promote specific articles in response to queries? We’ll have to wait and see.

For the moment, we all have another reason to focus on creating and sharing great content to Pinterest.

P.S. Have you tried out the OrangeTwig Q-rator yet?  It may be just the thing to help you find Pinterest-worthy content.


A new, updated SEO Starter Guide from Google

New to SEO?

Not sure where to start?

How about some advice right from the people doing the ranking?

Google just released a revamped version of the SEO Starter Guide. This version brings together info from both the old SEO Starter Guide and the Webmaster Academy. Some key topics covered include

  • Helping Google find and understand your content.
  • Optimizing content and images
  • Making your site mobile friendly

Read more here.

Follow hashtags on Instagram

It’s nice when things work out!

A few weeks ago we reported that Instagram was testing a feature to let people follow hashtags. Now, as of December 12 everyone has access to this feature. You now have another way to find content and engage with the community on Instagram.


Follow hashtags on Instagram

Read the article for more. A few things we cover

  • How to follow hashtags on Instagram
  • What this means for online sellers
  • How to tailor your Instagram experience


Have you tried following hashtags on Instagram yet? How are you using it for your online store? Let us know below.