The latest in eCommerce Jan 3rd - jan 12th 2018

The latest in eCommerce Jan 3rd – Jan 12th 2018

It’s 2018!!!!

Actually we are already a week in and in addition to our usual mix of interesting stories, we at OrangeTwig have got something really exciting in the works and you may just be able to be among the select few that get a sneak peek. Read on!

The year that was!

2017 was quite the year for eCommerce. Online retail sales grew by 16%, Jeff Bezos made a lot of money, Jeff Bezos lost a lot of money, Instagram gave us a whole host of new features and that’s just barely scratching the surface of everything interesting last year.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together, quite literally, The Ultimate Recap of E-commerce Trends 2017. Click here to take a look, for slightly old times’ sake.  🙂


Supercharge your Facebook ads: Get early access to the OrangeTwig Dynamic Product Ad Catalog

Everyone is on Facebook these days, pretty much everyone is also running ads on Facebook. Given all that, advertising on Facebook is essentially a competition for limited user attention.

It’s a competition that smaller firms are often likely to lose. Beyond just having bigger budgets, large firms typically have access to creative resources that help set their ads apart. The difference is most visible in Dynamic Product Ads. These are Facebook ads that help you automatically promote products to people who have expressed interest on your website.  Here are a few examples


Amazon dynamic product ads example


  • Note the branding and the use of labels/tags. Letting people know a product is a best seller is likely to increase conversion.


Lacoste dynamic product ad example


  • Another dynamic product ad where the branding is extremely clear and always present. Lacoste wants you to know these products are theirs. Given that these are retargeting ads, it’s critical that you get your shoppers to connect the product to your brand as soon as possible.

In contrast, most ads from small eCommerce stores are simply product images. In a different time these may have worked just as well. But given how crowded Facebook Newsfeeds are, plain product ads don’t connect to your audience the way some of these ads do.

So how can SMB eCommerce firms get the same advantage.

  1. Hire a designer.  🙂 If you are design savvy, you can treat this as a DIY project. You simply have to create multiple layouts, sale tags or badges. Fit these into your images as needed.
  2. Upload these images onto the Facebook dynamic products catalog. Remember to repeat the process every time you make edits.


OR you could just sign up for early access to the OrangeTwig Ad Catalog product.


In just a week from now you could be creating compelling, beautifully designed catalogs in just a few clicks. Picture creating one for Valentine’s day or one each for your categories. Just sign up, you don’t want to miss this!!

We have limited spots available (about 25) at the moment! Hurry!!


That customer from hell!

We’ve all had that one customer who’s so far gone that they refuse to listen to reason. It’s easy to get frustrated here and simply give up. Remember, that’s how bad reviews are created.

Frustrated customer support exec gif

Despite how difficult these customers are, they may also be among the best customers to have.

Stay with me here!

It takes effort to call you or type out an email each time. They are also often willing to point out what went wrong. That’s the perfect opportunity for you to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The thing is, all this is easier said than done and then there are those support cases where there really is no upside. How do you deal with all that? Here’s a handy guide.


Are the bots taking your ad money?

Scary robot gif Gimme all your money!!


The first wave is when they land en masse on your site. From all appearances, everything looks just about the same. Shoppers coming and going as they do, you remarketing to them as you do. A few days later, all of a sudden, there’s a huge spike in traffic to your store. You are over the Moon, maybe you are quite the marketing ninja after all. But then things start looking a little strange, none of these new “shoppers” are buying. You dig down a little and you notice your new visitors are not from around where your shoppers usually are. You don’t even ship orders where they are.

And then it hits you! You’ve just lost your ad budget to a click fraud scheme.

Sounds like a plot of an alien invasion movie, right? Actually this is how click bots work. Unfortunately for those of us that run ads, click fraud is pretty much part of our day to day. In 2017 businesses were expected to lose $16.4B to online advertising fraud.

So is there something you can do about it? Well it turns out, there is. Here’s a good guide to getting started.


That’s about it from me this time. Do you have any customer support horror stories? What do you do to avoid click fraud? Do let us know in the comments below.