The latest in eCommerce Mar 19th - 30th

The latest in eCommerce March 19th – April 6th

Mark Zuckerberg just can’t seem to catch a break, can he?

A few months into his “Fix Facebook” mission and he’s already had to deal with the #deletefacebook movement, the whole Cambridge Analytica situation, congressional summons, calls for him to step down and god knows what else.

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Are we seeing the end of Facebook?

I’d be surprised if we are. This much is certain, when this is all done, advertising on Facebook is not going to be the same. Maybe now is the time to work on a contingency plan, spread the ad budget around a little bit.

Lucky for you, our latest update covers a few possible alternatives along with the usual mix of everything eCommerce and social media.

Shopping ads for everyone on Pinterest

We’ve said this before and I suspect we’ll say it again.

Pinterest is quite literally perfect for eCommerce. The format makes it easy to feature visually engaging content like product images. And guess what, Pinterest users are likely to spend over over twice what Facebook users do.

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Problem is, being successful on Pinterest requires quite some organic marketing effort. Unlike other social media platforms you can’t just run a bunch of ads to get over that as well.

Now, that’s set to change.

For the last year, Pinterest has been testing shopping ads with a select few of the largest retailers around including Ikea, Wayfair & Lowe’s. The results have clearly been quite promising because Pinterest is now opening up the ads feature to hundreds of other stores as well. Fill out this form to request access right now.

Drive footfalls to your brick & mortar store with Snapchat

Snapchat’s doubling down on its location centric features.

Remember, when we wrote about the location tagging feature on Snap Map and how you could use it to try and drive shoppers to your store? Now Snapchat has added a few new location based targeting features that will help make your job here even more easier.


Location categories:

Snapchat is trying something a little bit different with location targeting. Instead of just targeting a specific location, you target location types like movie halls or beaches. You can then narrow your target audience further by city, state, country and more.

Here’s why this is compelling, let’s say you have a campaign targeting football fans in your state, you simply have to target everyone currently at stadiums and then narrow your audience down with your state.


Radius based targeting:

If you are familiar with the location targeting feature on Facebook, you’ll find this very similar. The feature lets you pick an arbitrary point of interest on a map and then define a radius around that location to target everyone there.

This could really come in handy if you run a brick & mortar store. You could simply pick out your store on the map and then target everyone within a few kms/miles around you.


Radius targeting on SnapChat



Social media feature shorts

Back in time:

Remember when posts on your Instagram feed used to be sorted by which ones were posted first. Remember how Instagram took that away from us. Instead of having posts sorted chronologically, like they were meant to be, we had a relevancy sorted feed (read: a sneaky way to systematically cut down reach on posts to force publishers to buy ads)

meme on instagram chronological feed

After dealing with the backlash for the last couple of years, Instagram just announced a rollback of sorts. No, we aren’t getting the chronological feed back (they still need to sell ads after all). We are getting the next best thing. They are changing their sorting algorithm to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear on top of your feed.

Tagging people on Snapchat:

Things have come full circle for Snapchat.

Over a year ago, Instagram replicated one of their features – Stories. Instagram also added a few extras like tagging people and over the course of the next year proceeded to take away a significant number of SnapChat’s user base. Now SnapChat is trying to repay the favor.

You may soon be able to tag people in your Snapchat stories like you do on Instagram. Read more on the feature and how you may be able to use it on Techcrunch.


What do you think about what’s going on with Facebook? Do you advertise on Snapchat or Pinterest? Let us know below.