The latest in eCommerce Nov 19 - Dec 1 2017

The latest in eCommerce Nov 19th – Dec 1st 2017

Phew! It’s over now.

Well atleast the first part is. Most store owners I know have spent the last few months, feverishly prepping for the last few days. How was it for you?

In our latest eCommerce roundup, we cover how online sellers worldwide did over the weekend along with a few exciting stories from the social media world.


The 2017 holiday season roundup

Every year, in the lead up to Thanksgiving weekend, pundits promise bigger and bigger sales numbers and somehow every year the weekend delivers.

This year was no exception, here are the key stories and some interesting numbers…

  • Online sales on Black Friday topped $ 5 billion. 40% of that was via mobile devices. Read more.
  • Retailers in the US made atleast $ 1 billion every day starting from Nov 1st to the 27st. Read more.
  • This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday winners.
  • Are you on Shopify? Pat yourself on the back. Shopify merchants collectively generated over $1 billion on Cyber Monday. Read more.


Donald duck cash gif - Online sellers making money on black friday.


Let your customers join in on your Instagram Livestream

Are you on Instagram often? Are you constantly reaching out to your fans with stories, posts or live videos? You are going to love this!

Instagram just added something huge to their live videos. Your friends and followers can now request to join in on your live broadcast.

What this means for you!

This can be a great way to engage with your followers. Picture a live discussion with your followers.


Is your SEO agency flirting with the darkside?

SEO is a bit of a balancing act.

You NEED to make those tweaks and changes that can give your store a higher likelihood of ranking for searches, BUT you can’t go so far that Google thinks you are trying to game the system.

Kung fu panda gif - SEO is a balancing act

Are you risking a penalty?


For most of us, it’s just simpler to leave most of this to our SEO agencies. But is your agency going too far? Are you risking a penalty?

There are a few things you can check to find out.

Link exchanges:

External sites linking back to your site serves as a positive signal to Google. For this reason agencies can sometimes exchange site links among their clients. This isn’t necessarily bad. But in addition to checking the number of external sites linking back to your store Google will also look into how relevant each link is.

Here’s what that means.

Let’s say you run a Jewelry store.  Now if the links to your store are from a food blog, Google may not treat that as a highly relevant source. Use a backlink tool like Ahrefs to check where your links are coming from. Talk to your agency if you spot something that doesn’t look quite right.

Over optimizing:

Google doesn’t take too kindly to keyword stuffing. If you notice that your site has the same keywords being repeated too often, you may want to talk to your agency. There’s a few tools out there that’ll help you check this.  One we use often is SEOQuake.

Read the article for more


Are people talking about your tweets?

Tweets can be an indicator of what people are generally talking about.

Soon you may be able to say how many people are talking about your tweets. Twitter is testing out a feature that will show how many people are engaging with popular tweets. The new feature is showing up under some embedded tweets and there’s no confirmation from Twitter on if or when it’s likely to go fully live. Here’s an example.

Twitter screenshot - new feature test

What this means for you!

From the few examples out there it seems like the “talking about this” feature will replace the retweet and reply numbers with one collective total.

I doubt this will make make any significant difference to tweet engagement on the whole but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Do you think this feature will make a difference? How did the Thanksgiving weekend go for you? Do let us know in the comments below.