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The latest in eCommerce Nov 7th – 16th 2017

The last couple of weeks have been great for social media users everywhere. Twitter started things off with that huge update on character limits. Instagram followed quickly after with a key update to their Stories feature. But what does it all mean for you?

Read on to find out more about that and a couple of other key updates that you may not have heard of.

You now get longer display names on Twitter

A few days after increasing the character limit on tweets to 280, Twitter, rather quietly, pushed out another small, significant change. You now get to use 50 characters for your display name.

Longer display names on Twitter - Galactic president meme

What this means for you!

In addition to having longer display names or including emojis, you may also be able to use this to promote your store a bit or to pass on key messages

Here’s an example, let’s say you have a sale to promote, you could change your display name to “Sale on at <store name>!”.


You may be able to follow #hashtags on Instagram

Have you ever had to scroll through pages and pages of posts on Instagram just to find the one you are interested in?

With the amount of content on there, any thing that helps filter through and get to what you want is always good.

Instagram is currently testing an option to let users follow hashtags in addition to following people. Instagram have been rather silent on the topic but folks at The Next Web have some more info.


What this means for you

I’m excited about this. Let’s hope Instagram pushes this out to everyone. If they do, we have more than just a new way of finding content. Here are a few ideas

  • Follow popular hashtags relevant to your brand. Use it to spot possible customers or influencers you need to engage with.
  • Create a hashtag for your brand. Ask your followers to use it every time they post a photo and repost these.


Tweet! Tweeet! Tweeeeeeeeeeet!

You know of this one already.

Unless you’ve been living in some self imposed social media exile, you’ve certainly heard that Twitter has expanded the character limit on Tweets to 280. So is this good? Bad?

Increased character limit on Twitter - Boring speech gif

I’d argue no one knows. Test things out before you go all in. Increase tweet length gradually. See how your users interact with those tweets and take a call accordingly.

We’ve written about this in a bit more detail elsewhere. Read the article to find out what this means for you.

P.S. OrangeTwig supports Twitter’s new character limit, so save and schedule your tweets and go take that vacation!


Create better Stories on Instagram!

Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your audience. They are perfect if you want to share behind the scenes content, set up quick tutorials and more. Up until now users were able to upload photos and videos that were taken on the same day. With the latest update you no longer have to worry about that. You can create a story with older content as well.

One thing though,  part of the appeal of Instagram Stories is that they make you feel like you are following someone’s day in real time.  You may want to try and preserve that.  In case you plan to use old photos, you should consider using the time stamp stickers that Instagram provides.


Have you tested out any significantly longer tweets yet? Has it been working for you? What do you think about the Instagram Stories update? Do let us know below.