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The latest in eCommerce: Oct 9th – 18th 2017

From Shopify’s stock dropping to all the excitement about the fast approaching holidays, the last week has been quite a busy one for eCommerce retailers. Here’s a roundup of the key stories from the retail, social media and marketing.

Shoppable tags now available for Shopify retailers

After testing Instagram’s shoppable posts for the better part of the year, Shopify is opening it up to thousands of its sellers.

Sellers can now tag products in their posts. Customers can then buy these products from the seller’s store by simply clicking on a link, and without even leaving the app. Currently, these tags are only visible to Instagram users in the U.S.

Shopify rolling out new integration for shopping on Instagram

Image: Shopify

What this means for you:

Finally!!! The social media network that’s the most eCommerce friendly is a taking a few steps in the right direction. This could lead to a significant increase in your sales.

Head over here to see if you are eligible.


Daily spending on Adwords doubled!

Google recently announced a change that could see your ad spend increase to up to double your daily budget on certain days. Your overall spend will still be controlled by your monthly budget.

In Google’s opinion this is to account for regular fluctuations in traffic. This way Google can increase the daily spending to make the most of those days when the traffic volume is high. These increases will get balanced out by those days when expenditure is low due to low traffic.

What this means for you:

Opinion on this is divided right now. Some advertisers fear that this might mean they may run out of their monthly budget before the month is over.

Given that you are unlikely to get consistently high traffic over the month, I think those days when the spending is higher than the average will be balanced out by those where the traffic is low.

What do you think?


Christmas In November? The retailer version at least

A report by Internet Retailing suggests that peak Christmas shopping is set to be in November this year. They further predict that a significant portion of the sales is going to mobile driven.

What this means for you:

This is a continuation of the trend we’ve seen over the last few years. The Holiday season is no longer about a few bumper days.

Think of the holidays as a two month block. It’s going to be hard to compete with Amazon et al on the bumper days. Try and get ahead of them, offer deals early on and after when the season is traditionally over.

As a small retailer it can be easy to ignore mobile given everything else you have to do while prepping for the season. Don’t! Mobile preparedness should be a key part of your holiday checklist


Twitter to offer an easier way to bookmark tweets!

Does this sound familiar?

You spot an interesting tweet but you just can’t read it right away. You’d like to save it for later, but to do so, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops so you decide to not bother at all.

You are in luck! Twitter has something coming out just for you.

After multiple requests, Twitter has finally decided to release a feature to save tweets for later and is currently testing a few prototypes.

What this means for you:

Users have had their workarounds to do this for a while now – retweeting, DMing tweets to themselves, liking etc… Having an ‘official’ way to do this may make them do so more often.

Whether it will lead to an increase in engagement from Twitter is something we’ll have to wait and see. People may just save interesting tweets and forget about them later. In any event I’d still focus on creating and posting good content to Twitter. Need some ideas? Here’s 47.

Have you tried any of these yet? Do you think Twitter bookmarking will actually make any difference? Let us know below.