Must-Have Ecommerce Apps for Your Shopify Store

When a tool can do it, why do it yourself?

A seller has so many teeny tiny tasks. The only way to head towards success without stopping to tie your shoelace, fix a button, darn a pocket, and realise the day is already over is to automate all the tasks.

 Here are some helpful tools that will save you a lot of time and effort, and money!

 Mass Edit by Seller Panda logo

Mass Edit is a new app that provides a fast and easy way to update your Shopify product details, all together!

If you spend a lot of time updating your Shopify products one at a time, switch to Mass Edit that gives you the ability to bulk update them all from the same screen.

No more waiting to load products one by one! Just load your products onto the screen and make changes to them quickly and easily. Adjust product names, prices, pictures and other details as you wish, without waiting for details to save and the next product to load.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 7.41.39 AM


OrnageTwig logo

OrangeTwig: This automates social media marketing for Shopify sellers. It does the work of a designer, a social media specialist, a marketing manager… all in one. How?

  • It pulls all the product images from your store and designs 100s of social media posts around them, automatically.
  • It shares these posts across ALL the social media channels! As per a schedule you set.
  • It also runs sales, daily deals and promotes coupon codes.

Bonus 1 – It offers special templates for every occasion, like Mother’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween.

Bonus 2 – It offers the top hashtags for Instagram, to get your posts the maximum views!

In a few minutes, you can set your campaigns for weeks.

Create layouts like this:

Dress your products for Mother's Day - OrangeTwig's features, Coupons

Try it now for FREE.

 Optimonk logo

OptiMonk is one of the leading providers of Exit-Intent Popup technology. It is the most powerful onsite retargeting tool in the world, which approaches this conversion optimization technique in a unique way. It empowers its users to build custom messages based on their prospect’s specific behaviors to retarget with the most relevant offers as possible. OptiMonk believes in the power of personalization and believes it gives you the best possible chance to convert your prospect into a customer. For those customers who aren’t quite ready to buy, you can retarget them to join your newsletter and convert them into leads and continue to nurture the relationship. OptiMonk has been proven to increase conversion rates by up to 15% which results in more sales.

Here’s how an  exit popup powered by Optimonk would look like:



 Boost Sales

Boost SalesThis is one of the most brilliant apps on Shopify’s Sales Category, that empowers upselling and cross-selling strategies. When your customers add an item to cart, the app will pop up an upsell offer that suggests personalized options that they might also want to buy. You can also bundle up complementary items in a combo and sell at a discounted total price.

Here’s how an upsell offer by Boost Sales app looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 5.41.26 PM

 Reamaze logo

Reamaze: Know that feeling when you buy something, just want to ask a question about it but before you know it you have entered a formal process where you have been emailed a “ticket number” and polite silence?

Don’t let your customers face this. And don’t face a communication nightmare at your end.

Reamaze combines email, social media, mobile, and live chat seamlessly so your customers can reach you however they want. No ticket numbers. No logins. Just conversations.



  Picreel logo

Picreel: When a person has browsed through your store, seen items, and is now ready to leave it, you may just be losing an interested person forever! But not if you have Picreel.

With this, a pop-up appears when the person is about to exit your store. At this point you can offer a subscription to a newsletter or coupon code and ask for his email; and retarget the person.


Sufio logo

Sufio: An app that automates your invoicing. Really it’s that simple. Sufio works for 50 countries worldwide. This kind of organization helps with tax purposes too.



ask metisa logo


Metisa is a smart and easy way to increase sales conversions with product recommendations.

You can easily set up real-time product recommendations, bestsellers, new products and other widgets on your Shopify store.

Recommendations adapt as your visitors shop and click on products, increasing the likelihood of sales conversion.

Metisa Screenshot - Things you may like


You can retarget customers after they leave your store with product recommendations by email in newsletters or triggered when customers make a purchase.

Metisa screenshot - previous visit recommendations


What’s more, Metisa is one of the first apps that gives you powerful predictive customer insights such as predictive buyer personas, predictive customer lifetime value, predictive churn and customer segmentation tools.

Metisa is free for the first $300 of sales they generate for you. After that, their premium plans start from $19/month. Install here.


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