Social media holiday calendar 2018

The one Social Media Holiday Calendar you need for 2018

I need a moment!

I just learned that the Feb 3rd is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.

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The Internet is a wonderful, if occasionally weird place. People have a holiday for pretty much everything. There’s even one where you literally get to create your own holiday.

I’m not kidding! Mar 26th is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

The best part is that each one is an opportunity to reach out, interact with your followers and maybe even nudge them to a purchase.

We’ve put together a list of all the holidays you can build social media campaigns for in 2018.

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Content and Strategy Tips

  • It’s a holiday somewhere! Don’t get too hung up about using only local holidays. People travel and so do holidays. When you pick a holiday that’s not from around where you are, make sure you explain a bit about it and find a way to make your audience connect to it.


  • It’s not always about selling. Some holidays don’t really lend themselves to selling. Use these as engagement opportunities. On that note, May 21st is Talk Like Yoda Day…. Remember you must. Engage you must.


  • Start your social media campaigns early. There are always people looking to get their shopping done early.


  • Leave your campaigns running until the last moment. There’s always someone who has forgotten to buy presents. Make sure your copy changes accordingly.


  • Don’t depend entirely on the holidays alone. By my count there are 246 days with no significant holidays to capitalize on. Get creative here. Put one product on sale everyday. Discover and share interesting content from the web. See how OrangeTwig can help.


Here’s the entire list.

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2018 Holiday calendar for social media marketing.