The Secret behind Social Media pages that Sell

Which of the following do your social media pages look like?

Are they simply a catalog of your products?

Or have you spent time trying to find content that your potential customers will find engaging?

If I find that a brand is only posting products, I tend to unfollow or even unlike it. As a customer, I want to follow pages that are engaging, informative, maybe even personal. After all, that’s why I’m on social media. To be entertained. Not to be sold to.

But as a brand, you are on social media to sell.

So how do you find the correct balance?

The general rule of social media marketing can be summed up by the 80:20 rule:

“80% of your content should be of interest to your customers. 20% should be used to sell your products.”

What kind of content should you share?

Well, you have 2 options. You can either create content or you can curate it.

Let me explain.

By created content I mean stuff that you have made from scratch. This could include blog posts, photos, videos, tips, infographics, how-tos, FAQs etc.

The important thing is that it must be original content, made by you.

Curated content, on the other hand, is content created by others, but selected by you as being of interest to your audience.

So, let’s say you sell mineral make-up.

Created content could include a video tutorial by you on natural looking make up. Or a tip on the best make-up brushes for different occasions.

Curated content, on the other hand, could be an article by WebMD about the benefits of mineral make-up or a vegan recipe for wholewheat maple cinnamon buns by Jamie Oliver.

At first glance, curated content seems to be the way to go. Just search for content online and post it. Easy peasy.

But this content has to be interesting and relevant for it to work. And as a shop owner, it can be hard to find time to browse the web, search for interesting content and schedule it at the correct time and frequency for all your social channels.

So you simply keep posting your products. Surely that should be good enough, right?

Not really. SproutSocial says that 57.5% of users found brands that only posted promotional content ‘annoying’, and tend to unfollow such brands. So posting only products may actually be causing you to lose out on customers and sales!

So what’s the solution?

OrangeTwig already helps you create sales and automatically promote your products on social media through compelling, professionally designed layouts.

But at the same time, we’ve always known that you need to post more than just products.

As one of our customers, Janelle, pointed out:

“While I LOVE OrangeTwig’s product layouts, I need to post other stuff that my fans enjoy…and I don’t want to keep shuffling between different apps. Is there any way you guys could take care of ALL my social media posts? “

We sure could. And we did.

We are now super-excited to launch our powerful new feature – Q-rator! With Q-rator, you can schedule the best content from the web for your Social Media…in seconds!

How does Q-rator work?

There are 3 simple steps to Q-rator: Discover. Curate. Share.

1. Discover

In your OrangeTwig dashboard, you will see a ‘Feed’ of 1000s of content suggestions from 100s of popular websites and blogs. We cover all sorts of categories from Photography and Travel to Fashion, Humor and Maternity – so you’re bound to find something your audience will love!


2. Curate

Ok, so it’s great that you now have so much content in one place to choose from. But surely it would be easier if there was a way to manage your feeds so you could sort by your favorites. Well, there is.

Simply ‘Follow’ any content source and all new posts from that source will start appearing under ‘My Feeds’. You can further sort ‘My Feeds’ by category to manage your content suggestions better.

Psssst….We constantly add new, updated content to the feed but, if you want something specific, you can also add your favorite websites, and all future content from those sites will start to appear in your Feed.

3. Share

Ready to start sharing this awesome new content? Well, don’t go crazy and start posting all at once.

With Q-rator, you get 4 different sharing options: you can share a post immediately, add it to the end of your queue, schedule it for the next posting slot in your queue, or schedule it for a specific time slot. Learn more about these options.

What is a Queue

So, I’ve mentioned your ‘Queue’ a couple of times. But what exactly is the Queue?

A Queue is a post scheduler for a specific Facebook page, Pinterest board or social media account.

You simply enter the time slots when you would like your posts to get shared, and any content that you ‘Add to Queue’ for that particular account or board will then be filled into your time slots to be shared automatically.

So, if you have created a Queue for ‘My FB page’ and defined your schedule as 1 pm and 4pm every weekday, and 10 am, 3pm and 9 pm on weekends, then any content that you have added to that queue will keep getting shared at these times.

Not just that, you can make different queues for each Facebook page or Pinterest board, so you have complete control over what gets posted where. And you can customize the time zone that you want to post in.

Learn more about Queues.

What’s in store

Exciting, huh?

But, guess what? We’re not done yet. We have a lot enhancements planned for the coming few weeks. Very soon, you’ll be able to schedule posts directly to Instagram and add feeds while browsing the Web through our upcoming browser extension.

Is there anything else you’d like us to include in Q-rator? We’d love to hear from you!