Create a compelling Facebook profile and cover photo

Create a compelling Facebook profile and cover photo

What’s the first thing you see on a Facebook page?

Probably the cover photo and profile picture.

Get them right and your page looks polished and professional. Get them wrong and you come across as amateurish and untidy.

Check out the tips below to make sure that your Facebook images are working for your business.


Tips for your Profile Pic

Your profile photo is one of the most important aspects of creating your identity on Facebook. It is visible on your page and next to any comment you make on Facebook.

It is your ‘face’ on Facebook.

1. Style and tone

Decide what you want your page to convey.

– Do you want a professional image? If so, consider uploading your business logo here.

– Prefer a more personal, informal tone? A photo of you would be great.

Either way, choose your brand tone and stay consistent through your page.

featured seller - teresa7

EXAMPLE: In the above image, Etsy seller Serra from Simply Serra has chosen a brand logo as her profile photo, while Leilani from Rolani’s Wonderland has opted for a personal photo. Both work very well, but convey a different tone for the brand.


2.  Dimensions

– Your profile pic will be displayed as a square. Keep this in mind when designing your profile picture. Don’t upload a rectangle as this will get cropped and may cut your image.

–  Facebook recommends that you upload an image that is at least 180X180px, though the display size of your photo will be smaller.

–  Your photo is displayed as different sizes at various places. Here are the latest sizes as per the 2014 new Facebook business page layout:

  • The main image on your page: 160X160 px
Facebook cover and profile photo2


  • Next to posts on your timeline and in the news feed of fans: 40X40 px
 Facebook cover and profile photo3


  • Next to comments: 32X32 px
Facebook cover and profile photo3

So use images that look good when displayed at the smallest size. Don’t use small text in your image.

EXAMPLE: As you can see above, the profile pic uploaded by Keri from Twee Accessories is identifiable and looks good even at 32 pixels.


3. Quality

– Upload a high quality photo or it may appear blurred.

– Make sure your color contrasts work. Don’t use a dark background for a dark logo.


4. Consistency

– Use the same profile pic across social channels for brand recognition.

– Try not to change your profile pic too often as this will affect brand recognition.


 Tips for your Cover Photo

This is the single biggest image on your page. Make sure that it conveys your brand identity correctly.

1. Style and tone

– Match the style of your cover photo to that of your profile pic.

EXAMPLE: Here are some Etsy sellers who are doing a fantastic job of this:

Facebook cover and profile photo4

Etsy shop: Beautiful Photo Props


Facebook cover and profile photo5

Etsy shop: Whipstitch Wallets


Facebook cover and profile photo6

Etsy shop: Vintage Art and Craft


2.  Dimensions

– Your cover photo is 851 px wide and 315 px tall. 

– Ideally, upload an image that’s bigger than 851X315 px, but is in the same proportion.

– If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will be stretched to 851X315 px and may result in a blurry image.

– Facebook suggests uploading a png file if you have a logo or text in your cover photo as this may give you a higher quality result.


3. Visible area

Your profile photo will hide a part of your cover image. Design your cover photo so that no important piece of information gets hidden.


Facebook cover and profile photo7

Facebook has recently added a dark grey gradient to the bottom of the cover photo and action buttons for ‘like’, ‘follow’ and ‘message’ towards the bottom right corner. Keep in mind that these can also interfere with your cover photo. For instance, don’t put your shop name or website where they may get hidden by the buttons.

Additional tip: Try to keep the focus of your cover photo towards the right (e.g. if you have a single main image, put it towards the right). Because the profile photo is on the left, this helps your image look more balanced.


4. Identity

– Use your cover photo to tell visitors what you do.

EXAMPLE: Visitors to these Facebook pages can immediately see a sample of their products.


Facebook cover and profile photo8

Etsy shop: When it Rains

Facebook cover and profile photo9

Etsy shop: Barmine


5. Promotions

– If you have a Sale or are promoting a new product, use your cover photo to draw attention to this.

EXAMPLE: At OrangeTwig, we are currently promoting our new ‘Product Sale’ feature.

Facebook cover and profile photo10

6. Holidays and events

– You could consider changing your cover photo for special holidays and events like Christmas, Halloween, Superbowl etc. It makes you look fresh and timely.

7. Feeling creative?

– Make your profile pic work with your cover photo. EXAMPLE: Elie of Falling in Love Gems does this beautifully.


Facebook cover and profile photo11

Note: Remember, most fans will not visit your Facebook page (they just see your updates in their news feed), so not many people will get to see your creativity.


Your profile picture and cover photo establish your identity of Facebook. Make sure that you:

  • upload the correct sizes as per Facebook guidelines
  • upload clear, high quality photos
  • keep your message and style consistent

Do you have any other tips for cover photos or profile picture? Do share them with us.

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