Twitter expands to 280 character tweets

Twitter has expanded its character limit to 280 and we are flipping out

Are you sitting down?

The BIG BREAKING NEWS today is that Twitter has rolled out 280 character tweets to its users across the globe. If yesterday you were struggling to fit your sale announcements into 140 characters, you can breathe easy now!

Back in September, Twitter announced that it had been experimenting with upping its character limit by letting a select few users get access to a trial version of the new feature. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, demonstrated the move through this tweet:

Jack Dorsey's tweet about Twitter's 280 character limit

The new update is available across all supported languages, which is all languages except for Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Twitter, as well as users of the exempted languages, claims that the character limit has never been a barrier as the density of these languages often allows them to express whole words in just single characters. Buzzfeed Japan covered it here.

If you can’t find the update, chances are your app or software hasn’t been updated. iOS users especially take note. If you are using an older version of the software, you won’t be able to avail the feature unless you update to the latest version.

Twitter universe, which currently has 330 million monthly users, has been divided over the new development, with some arguing that this move takes away from the point of the microblogging platform. We, however, are very excited. Because this means, better sale announcements, more product details, definitely less cramming.

What does this mean for online sellers?

Rejoice because you can now express yourself better! When announcing a new product, you now have the opportunity to mention the product dimensions, materials used and much, much more. More product information means more conviction and a smoother way to gain customer trust and in turn, more sales.

At the same time, the nature of Twitter is such that unlike Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest, you can’t really saturate your audience with information as the Twitter timeline is constantly evolving. Your tweet pops up and goes down. Instead of creating a thread announcing a product in halves, you can put all your information in one tweet and up your chances of being noticed.

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Calls for some midweek celebration, doesn’t it?