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Unprecedented control over your product feed

The Branded Catalog - It’s easy, it’s powerful, it’s automated.

Powerful automations made easy

The Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) is the most effective advertising unit out there for eCommerce.

But it had its limitations. Until now.

Socioh’s advanced automations help you achieve effortless control over your dynamic ads in ways that you never knew were possible.

Learn more about Branded Catalogs*.

*Branded Catalogs are a unique, proprietary technology created by Socioh.


Have you translated your website into multiple languages? Do the same for your dynamic ads.

Automatically include local currencies and languages in your product feed with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs.

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Our customers in the EU speak different languages and live in different countries….Finally I can send local prices and titles to my customers. Thank you Socioh!!!

Jean-Luc Martin

Founder, Le Chic Boutique

Dynamic mapping

Create rules and map text or elements directly onto your product feed images.

Add conditions to specific products or automatically map low inventory, secondary images, discounts, titles, or any metafield directly onto your Branded Catalog.

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An extremely robust Facebook product feed. Customizations are endless and I can see how powerful this can be with product catalogs being specific to marketing campaigns. That's how far you can take this!


Founder, Perk Clothing

Manage ads at scale

For the first time ever, test different designs, images or CTAs without losing campaign optimizations.

Schedule automatic changes to your Branded Catalog with Socioh’s revolutionary Smart Switch feature.

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Socioh’s audiences and branded catalogs have been a real help in scaling our retargeting ads. Our spend has gone up almost 3x in the last couple of months and we have seen an increase of around 38% in our Click Through Rates.

Nathan Golding

Digital Marketing Manager, myhomeclimate.com

Keep it fresh

Automatically replace plain backgrounds with colors, gradients, or textures.

Don’t have transparent images? No problem. Remove the background for all your plain product images in a single click.

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Our brand is fun. It’s vibrant. It’s eye-catching. It‘s full of personality. With Branded Catalogs we can experiment with different backgrounds, gradients, patterns..and test them all with the smart switch. It’s brilliant!

Kieth Black

Founder, Bliss Out

Stay in sync

Regularly add new products? Got fast inventory churn?

Don’t waste another ad dollar on out-of-stock products. With Socioh, your product catalog will always be in sync with your store inventory and categories.

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We have 10s of 1000s of SKUs. Managing our product feed was a nightmare. Our inventory moves rapidly and ads were not in sync….a lot of money was getting wasted. Socioh’s real-time sync literally saves us hundreds of hours of work!

Lalit Jain

Founder, SR stores

Proven to boost
Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Sell emotion, not products

Create on-brand ads that tell your story.

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