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Recover lost sales

It‘s not about campaigns. It’s about emotion. Speak to your customers with Socioh’s personalized retargeting campaigns.
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No more same old, same old...

Retargeting helps convert users who have already shown an interest in your products or brand. This is the most effective and profitable form of advertising.
Create a powerful visual journey for your buyers with Socioh’s detailed audience analysis and unique Branded Catalogs.

Did you know?


of first-time visitors leave your site without purchasing.


of these lost sales can be recovered with retargeting ads.

Retargeting with Socioh

1. Intelligent audience segmentation

Never miss an audience again.

Get campaign suggestions based on browsing behavior, purchase history, demographics, interests, social media engagement, and more.

2. Messages that matter

Target each segment with the exact message that connects with them.

Show new arrivals to past purchasers, a coupon code to a cart abandoner, and best sellers to a repeat buyer.

Add relevant messaging to your dynamic creative​ on-the-fly with Socioh’s unique, insanely powerful ​Branded Catalogs.

3. Proven recommendations

Let us do the work for you.

Audience? Creative? Budget? Check. And you’re all set.

Choose from up to 32 proven retargeting campaigns. Each of these is curated for your brand based on your store’s data.

Branded catalogs have been real help in optimizing our retargeting funnel. Our spend has gone up almost 3x in last couple of months and we have seen an increase of around 38% in our Click Through Rates with a consistent ROAS.

Nathan Golding

Head of Marketing, My Home Climate

One size doesn’t fit all

Your buyers are not all the same. Then why show them the same ad?
Socioh analyzes your store and pixel data from every angle -  by events, time spent, categories visited, level of engagement, page scroll depth, and more - and then makes the most intelligent recommendations for your brand.

Core retargeting funnel

Bring back your website visitors with optimized campaign, budget, and audience recommendations. Unlock up to 18 pixel-based campaigns based on your website’s traffic volume.

Advanced retargeting suggestions

Upsell, cross-sell, create discount ladders, promote new arrivals and more. Unlock progressive campaigns as your store data and traffic grow.

We’re here for you...

We are happy to work with you to develop the best campaigns and creatives based on your brand’s advertising needs, budget, and objectives.
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