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Create your first Branded Catalog

A Branded Catalog of all your products with your store's logo. This is the first catalog you need to get started with your ads.

Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) use catalogs to show each viewer the product(s) they have recently viewed on your website. Including all products in your main retargeting campaign will ensure that each viewer gets targeted with the exact products they've already viewed when they're shown your ads.

For example, say you run an accessories store that sells shoes and handbags. If you create a collection catalog of just handbags for your DPA, shoppers who've seen your shoes will only be shown handbags. This would result in a lost sale.

Plus, studies have shown that it takes multiple interactions with a new brand before customers decide to purchase from it. A full-shop catalog with your logo helps improve brand recall and ensures that you retarget all your website visitors with the right products to remind them to complete their purchases.

How do I create a Branded Catalog with my logo?

1. Click on the 'Catalogs' tab on the left panel in Socioh.

2. Select 'Create New Branded Catalog'.

3. Now pick from Socioh's Starter template or a frame (under Branded Catalogs) you'd like to use with your logo.

4. Click on 'Edit' under the master template.

5. In the designer tool, go to 'Your Brand' on the left panel. You'll now be able to upload your logo. You can upload multiple sizes for greater flexibility.

TIP: We recommend uploading a logo that is between 150-300 pixels (shortest dimension) against the medium or large file upload options on Socioh.

6. Now position and size it as you like, match the colors of the frame or any design elements, then click "Done" to exit the designer.

7. Finally, review your products and publish your catalog.

How to use your Branded Catalog with logo

Use this catalog for your first retargeting campaign. Once the catalog has run for a while with retargeting campaigns, it can be used for dynamic ads for broad audiences (DABA) campaign at the top of your prospecting funnel.

TIP: We recommend using this catalog in your 'Sales Recovery Campaign' under Socioh’s Retargeting Campaigns.