Success Guide

Success Guide

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  • What are Branded Catalogs and why do I need them?

  • How do I create a Branded Catalog?

  • Which is the first catalog I should create? 

  • I just edited a Branded Catalog on Socioh. Why aren’t my edits to Branded Catalogs showing up on Facebook?

  • I can’t find the catalog that I created on Facebook. How can I import it to Socioh?

  • I can’t see all my products in my Branded Catalog. Where are they?

  • What kind of ads can I make with a catalog?

  • How can I temporarily change my catalog for an upcoming occasion or promotion?

  • How can I edit a Branded Catalog template?

  • What are Master Templates? How do they work?

  • How do I add product sets to my Socioh catalogs?

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