Success Guide

Success Guide

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There’s no fixed number of catalogs you need to create with Socioh.

We recommend you start with a full-shop catalog, which is great for a bottom-of-the-funnel retargeting Dynamic Product Ad (DPA). This is also a good catalog for prospecting, such as for use with DABA (Dynamic Ads Broad Audience) campaigns.

TIP: Add your brand logo to your full-shop catalog for brand recall.

Next, a ‘Bestsellers’ or ‘Bestselling Category’ catalog can be used for prospecting, whereas a ‘Sale’ catalog is great for promoting discounted inventory to bargain hunters, and a ‘New Arrivals’ catalog can be used to target your past purchasers or attract seasonal shoppers.

Other great options include catalogs that highlight sales and coupon codes, reviews, BNPL (buy now pay later), media or PR features, and more. Choose a design that reflects the intent behind your campaign.

If your monthly traffic is at least 50,000 users, and different categories of products in your store appeal to different brand personas, you may want to create additional catalogs per category or collection.

With Socioh, a customized branded catalog to target each segment of your audience is only a few clicks away!

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