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Success Guide

How can I create an ad through Socioh?

This feature is in Beta. We are redesigning the interface to provide you with the best possible experience.

You can currently create the following types of ads through Socioh:

Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)
These ads show the same product to your visitor that they have already viewed on your website. Since the viewer has already expressed interest in these items, DPAs have the highest probability of conversion.

Conversion Ads (Prospecting & Retargeting)
These are ads for which the objective is defined as 'conversion'. They can be either:
(a) Prospecting or 'cold' ads which help you acquire new customers, or
(b) Retargeting ads which aim to bring past visitors (bouncers, cart abandoners, past purchasers, etc) back to your website.

Retargeting Campaigns
Socioh's campaign recommendations are divided into the core retargeting funnel, social-media based retargeting, and past-purchasers retargeting campaigns. All our recommendations use your pixel and engagers' data to suggest the best audiences for these campaigns. Look for in-built tips on creative suggestions when setting up your ads, confirm the budget and caption, and you're all set. Here's how to get started with your first retargeting campaign.

Prospecting Recommendations
Based on your shop's order and pixel data, Socioh will suggest the best custom campaigns for you. You can start with order-based prospecting if you have over 2500 purchasers, or with pixel-based prospecting if you're still building up your store, or social-media lookalikes if you have engaged followers. Here's how to use Socioh to set up your first prospecting campaign.

TIP: We typically recommend using 0-5% lookalikes. However, if you're in bigger or more populous markets, you can start with the narrowest (0-1%) lookalikes and expand them as you scale. For smaller markets with restricted audience sizes, wider lookalikes may perform better. Keep an eye on your ad frequency to make sure you aren't exhausting your audiences. For prospecting ads, a frequency between 1 and 2 is ideal. Greater than that means your audience size is too small.