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Success Guide

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You can currently create the following types of ads through Socioh:

Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)

Dynamic ads or Dynamic Product Ads are personalized ads that use a product feed or product catalog to show customers products they have expressed interest in, whether on your website, app, or elsewhere on the internet.

When used for retargeting, these ads show the same product to your visitor that they have already viewed on your website. Since the viewer has already expressed interest in these items, DPAs have the highest probability of conversion.

Dynamic ads can also be used for prospecting, such as when setting up a DABA campaign.

Conversion Ads
These are ads for which the objective is defined as ‘conversion’. They can be either:

  1. Retargeting ads that aim to bring past visitors (bouncers, cart abandoners, past purchasers, etc) back to your website, or
  2. Prospecting or ‘cold’ ads that help you acquire new customers.

You can read more about Dynamic Product Ads and Conversion Ads here.

Not sure where to get started? Use this campaign structure if you’re setting up your ads.

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