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Success Guide

Select from Socioh’s designed templates to create your Branded Catalog

With Branded Catalogs, you can add design elements directly to your product feed. Under Socioh’s Catalog tab, you will find templates to create ads that:

  • highlight your coupon codes and sales
  • stress scarcity or create urgency
  • showcase your most popular collections
  • add dynamic, rule-based sale prices, discounts, inventory

and more.

Select the products you want to advertise, choose your template and we’ll take care of the rest.

I like some of these designs but I want to customize them for my brand. Can I edit them?

Yes! Each of our starter templates is completely editable. Add your brand logo, change the colors used, add stickers and backgrounds, select secondary and custom images—you get complete control.

Which catalog should I make first?

A full-shop branded catalog with your logo is a great place to start.