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What are Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) and why do I need a catalog to create one?

Dynamic Product Ads or DPAs are ads that use a product feed or catalog to offer each user a personalized ad experience. They tend to be the best-performing types of ads on Meta. Learn more in our blog post.

There are 2 types of DPAs:

  1. Retargeting ads: When used for retargeting, these ads target viewers with the same products they have previously viewed on your site. Use a full shop catalog to set up an effective DPA for retargeting.
    TIP: You can exclude gift cards or hidden items from your catalog to avoid wasting clicks.
What are dynamic product ads on Facebook?

2. Prospecting ads or DABA (Dynamic Ads Broad Audiences) campaigns:  When used for prospecting, these ads combine the power of Facebook's advanced AI with catalogs to show each user the product they're most likely to be interested in.

When set up correctly, DPAs tend to have the highest conversion rates. We recommend using DPAs to retarget your warmest retargeting audiences (use our Sales Recovery campaign) or with a DABA campaign for prospecting.

Why do I need a catalog for a DPA?

A Product Feed or a Catalog is a list of your store’s products with information like product photo, price, name, availability, etc. This is how Facebook gets access to all the information it needs to populate your dynamic ad.

What is a product feed? How is it used for DPAs?

You can create a catalog on Meta Business manager or through Socioh.

Learn more about Socioh's Branded Catalogs here.