Register Now - 13 Feb 9am PST
9 AM Pacific Standard Time | 12 PM Eastern Standard Time

What we’ll cover:

  • Quick recap: Pixel events and what each really means
  • Setting up audience segments based on user behavior in your store
  • Mapping your customer’s journey to create advanced audience segments
  • Building an advanced retargeting funnel that converts
  • Live Q&A session about the FB pixel & retargeting ads

Who is this webinar for?

Online sellers and e-commerce merchants.

Of course, anyone who wants to learn about the Facebook pixel and better retargeting is welcome, but examples and strategies will be focussed towards e-commerce.

Who I am and why you want to hear what I have to say:

I’m Karan, founder and CEO of

I’ve had over 16 years of experience in technology, including 6 years as senior manager at Yahoo Inc.

I’ve spent most of my career building and working with Ad systems. I was part of the Display Ads team at Yahoo and later helped build their new search marketing system (think Adwords but for Yahoo/Bing search).

This gave me in-depth technical knowledge of advertising and how it works on the inside once your ad goes to FB or Google or Yahoo. I now work with online store owners and help them succeed in their advertising efforts.

I have a graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence.