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How do I add Socioh UTMs to my Google ad campaigns?

Adding Socioh UTMs to your Google ad campaigns

You can add UTMs to your Google ads campaigns at the account level & campaign level

At the account level:

Scroll to the end of the navigation bar on the left and find "Settings" -> "Account Settings". Find the "Tracking" section on this page.

At the campaign level:

Select the ad campaign from the list.
Scroll down on left navigation bar and find "Settings" -> "Additional settings” on the page -> “Campaign URL options”.

  • If the “Tracking template” field is empty, copy and paste the following text:

  • If the “Tracking template” field already contains a tracking template, add this toward the end of the tracking template:&socioh_tid=adwords:{campaignid}:{adgroupid}:{creative}:{keyword}