What are Lookalike audiences (LLAs)?

Lookalike Audiences (LLAs) are audiences of potential customers who are similar to a ‘seed’ audience of your past purchasers, social media engagers, etc. Used correctly, they are great to run prospecting ads on Facebook. The better defined your ‘seed’ audience, the more profitable your LLA.

How are Lookalikes created?

To create a Lookalike Audience, you need to first choose a source or ‘seed’ audience. This seed audience may be pulled from your pixel, your order data, your mobile site visitors, your social media engagers, etc. Facebook identifies the common qualities of the people in your ‘seed’ audience (behavior, interests, demographics, etc.). It then matches these qualities against its entire database of users and delivers your ad to an audience of people who are similar to (or ‘look like’) your seed audience.

Lookalike audiences can have an audience size of between 1% and 10%. A 0-1% LLA means the 1% of Facebook users who most closely resemble your seed audience. To scale your audience, you can increase the size to 1-3%, 3-5%, 5-10%, and so on.

TIP: At Socioh, we recommend starting with a 0-3 % or a 0-5% LLA in most cases. Using a narrower LLA with a high ad budget can lead to creative fatigue for the resulting audience.