How can I add FOMO elements to my Branded Catalog template?

  1. Select the template you would like to edit and proceed to the next screen. Confirm your product selection and click “Next” on the bottom left.
  2. On this screen, find the Master Templates section on top. Click on the “Edit” button in the first card you see on top. This will take you to Socioh’s Designer.
  3. You can add an element on the canvas and double-click on the element to edit its text.
    • Static Text (example above): If you have a sale running only on the weekend, add a text element or edit an existing text element to say “Ends in 48 hours”. You can use any marketing message to create FOMO like:
      • Time-sensitive: Ends in xx hours, Only till Monday, Sunday Special, Early bird sale, etc.
      • Inventory-sensitive: Only while stocks last, 10% off first 1000 orders, no restock clearance, etc.
    • Dynamic Inventory Mapping (example below): You can add inventory mapping using our pre-mapped elements.
      When the inventory mapped-text element loads into your canvas, make sure to add a “Prefix” or a “Suffix” like in the example below.

      • Now this mapped element will show the total inventory count of the products in its creative. However, this also means that if you had 1000 inventory, then the template would say “Only 1000 Left”.
      • To ensure only low stock products show this text, we can create a visibility condition.

        For this case, add a condition where the element shows only if Product inventory is lesser than 10. We’ve used 10 for demonstration but you can put any comparison threshold.
      • Click the blue “Done” button to save the condition.
      • Now this element will only show up when there are products with less than 10 in stock.

Once you’re satisfied with your template edits, click the green “Done” button on the top right to save your template and return to the catalog preview screen.

That should be it! 🙂

If you face any issues, do reach out to us using the help bubble on the bottom right of your screen.