Can I remove the white strips/bars from the sides of my product image?

When creating your catalogs, you can easily choose between the ‘Image Fit’ and ‘Image Fill’ options.

Choose the setting you prefer by choosing your preferred option when creating a Basic Catalog, or use the “Toggle fitting” button when saving a Branded Catalog:

Image Fit

When you select this setting, Socioh automatically ensures that your entire image is visible.

NOTE: Choosing this fitting may result in white bars on the sides or the top and bottom of your image if your product images aren’t square.

Example Socioh Fit Image

Image Fill

With Image fill, Socioh zooms in on your image to make sure it completely fills the ad space.

NOTE: Choosing this fitting could mean that the top and bottom or sides of your image get cropped if your product images aren’t square.

Example. Socioh Fill Image

Individual Edits (only for Branded Catalogs)

If you’d like to make changes to specific products, you can individually edit any images that are not fitting well. Learn more about how you can make individual edits here.