I’m new to Socioh. What should I do first?

Have you familiarized yourself with your dashboard yet? Here’s a quick video that shows you what you can do in each tab:

Most of our users start out with one of the following:

1. Branded Catalog. Start here (with the “Catalogs” tab on the left panel of your Socioh dashboard) to get rule-based catalog templates for your product feed. These catalogs can then be used for:

  • DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads) for retargeting
  • DABA (Dynamic Ad, Broad Audience) campaigns for prospecting
  • Category-specific campaigns for prospecting
    and more.

Learn more about Branded Catalogs.

2. Ad Creation. Create a retargeting, prospecting, or full-funnel campaign. Start here if you:

  • Have a winning creative you want to use
  • Want to test creatives you already have 
  • Want to try an Advantage+ campaign
  • Want data-driven campaign recommendations

Learn more about Socioh’s campaign creation by navigating to the Campaigns tab. Each campaign has detailed help and tips included.

All campaigns in your dashboard already have the ad sets, audiences, etc. set up, based on your store’s actual data. As your ads gain more learnings, Socioh will show you prompts on when to shut or scale your ads.

If you’re just starting out with ads and would like more guidance, here’s a campaign structure you can begin with.