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Full-Funnel BFCM Campaigns the Pros Run: The only ad strategy you need for Facebook and Instagram promotions

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Planning a mind-blowing BFCM sale for your store? An offer your customers simply can’t resist?

You aren’t alone. That’s not surprising given that it’s the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Last year, Shopify reported peak sales at $1.5 million per minute, with their merchants selling goods worth more than $2.9 billion from the start of Black Friday to the end of Cyber Monday.

Significantly, online BFCM sales in the US in 2019 clocked a 17% increase from 2018. And the upward trend in online shopping is only going to deepen, with many offline and big-box retailers encouraging online shopping this year.

If you’re an online business advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you simply can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

But with ad costs rising during the holiday season, the questions on the top of a lot of marketers’ minds are:

  • What are the best audiences to target for BFCM?
  • What are the best prospecting campaigns I can run for BFCM?
  • Which and how many campaigns should I run to get the most from my budget?

Read on to see how a full-funnel marketing approach can help marketers address all of these questions.

Plus, we’ll share 11 real campaigns for a well-rounded BFCM ads strategy. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

What is a marketing funnel? Do you really need one?

Simply put, a marketing funnel reflects your customer’s journey. It works on the assumption that any potential customer of your brand has to go through a path to become your customer.

The top of the funnel consists of all users who are not aware of your brand. In the middle of the funnel are people who have interacted with your brand recently—perhaps they’ve seen your video on social media, come to your store and browsed a few products or subscribed to your newsletter, etc. These buyers are aware of your brand but need convincing to make a purchase.

At the bottom of the funnel are people who are the closest to making a purchase. They’ve expressed strong interest in your brand (with multiple visits, products browsed, etc.) and perhaps even carted products but not finished the purchase. They are the closest to making a purchase.

Here is a quick overview of a typical marketing funnel:

Why you need a full-funnel approach to planning your BFCM sales

With buying intent at its highest, you simply cannot afford to miss any profitable audience for your BFCM promotions!

A full-funnel approach to your BFCM promotions helps you create a strategy that covers all your audiences.

  • As ad costs rise significantly during this period, targeting people who’ve already interacted with your brand—the mid and bottom parts of your funnel—helps optimize` your returns.
  • This doesn’t mean you ignore the top of your funnel. With almost everyone on the lookout for great products and gift ideas, the holidays are a great opportunity to attract new customers and push higher sales volumes.

With both new and existing customers shopping for great deals, an integrated strategy that targets each segment of your funnel is more likely to bring you results than one using a lopsided or incomplete funnel.

Too much emphasis on the middle and bottom of your funnel, and you may exhaust your audiences before your promotion is over; too much on the top, and you risk high ad costs, not closing the loop, and losing sales.

But how can you set up your BFCM funnel profitably—and quickly?

Get the most from your BFCM promotions on Facebook and Instagram with Socioh

Socioh’s proven full-funnel strategy gives you a selection of the best campaigns to cover all your audiences and get the most from your BFCM promotions.

No matter how large your advertising budget, you can use Socioh’s campaigns to manage your ad spends effortlessly.

Combine that with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs and you’ll be able to outperform your competitors.

With an exhaustive list of ready-to-use campaigns, Socioh’s BFCM ad funnel offers cold/prospecting campaigns at the top, and the best suggestions to nurture and retarget the middle and bottom of your marketing funnel.

And what’s more, with our ready-made audiences and optimized ad sets, you can set up your complete BFCM sales funnel in under 40 minutes!

Well, you better believe it!

But why take us at our word? Let’s dive right into our campaign set up!

And *drumroll* 🥁 🥁 🥁. As promised, here is our full-funnel strategy for BFCM. Socioh’s users get the additional advantage of our ready-to-use campaign setup to create their entire funnel.

11 real campaigns for a well-rounded BFCM ads strategy

Effective and optimized based on years of advertising experience and your data, Socioh’s data-driven campaigns are optimized to get you those sales.

Drive more conversions with our BFCM retargeting campaigns

Let’s start with your past purchasers as they have the strongest connection to your brand.

Past purchasers campaign: Target your past purchasers with your BFCM promotions.

WHY: Your past buyers already trust you, and discounts and offers help you bring them back and create loyalty.

TIP! You can also offer this segment an exclusive preview sale, loyalty discounts, or other incentives. Use a mix of creative formats (image, video, canvas ads, and catalogs) to speak to this segment.

Next, let’s move to the bottom of the funnel and target our cart abandoners and other very recent site visitors. We are going to focus on audiences captured in the Facebook Pixel here.

Full-funnel and extended pixel campaigns: Target the most relevant pixel segments with your best creatives. We’ve identified and shortlisted four campaigns for your BFCM promotions, with 7-day cart abandoners, 7-day product bouncers, 7-day website bouncers, and a comprehensive one with 180-day pixel audiences. What’s more, each campaign offers an optimized number of ad sets and audiences for you to drive your promotions. All you have to do is click and create your campaigns with your choice of creatives.

PRO TIP! Use Socioh’s proprietary Branded Catalogs to highlight offers and map discounts right onto your catalog ads. Use our readymade BFCM templates, choose from hundreds of designs, or edit them to make your own!

Full-funnel social campaigns: Use your social media to drive conversions. Target your Facebook and Instagram engagers with your BFCM campaigns. Our optimized flow offers two campaigns, one targeting 30-day engagers, and the other 30 to 365-day engagers!

WHY: These users have already established a ‘connect’ with your store. Promotions are a good way to turn their interest into a purchase. Now that your retargeting is sorted, let’s focus on prospecting, shall we? Even pro-marketers sometimes miss one or more of these profitable prospecting campaigns.

Get the most relevant traffic with Socioh’s prospecting campaigns for BFCM

How do you ensure that your prospecting ads bring you the most relevant traffic for your BFCM promotions? Is your targeting too wide, or too narrow? What audiences can you use for prospecting when you don’t have the time to test interest-based audiences?

With Socioh’s optimised prospecting set up, you’re already off to a great start.

Curious to know more? Here’s a quick look at the BFCM prospecting ad set up:

Full-Funnel Purchaser Lookalike Campaigns: Prospect for users that closely resemble your past purchasers. With a core and extended campaign targeting 0-5% and 5-10% lookalikes of all your past purchasers, you’ll have audiences wide enough to keep your promotions running full-steam for the duration of your promotion.

WHY: The two prospecting campaign(s), these use all your order data to create powerful lookalikes that lower the cost of prospecting; and help you scale ad spend profitably.

TIP! Socioh’s unique RFM algorithm automatically grades your purchasers with weighted averages based on how valuable they are for you, creating lookalikes that are more powerful than any you can create with custom lists uploaded to Facebook.

Full-funnel Pixel Lookalike Campaign: Use your recent pixel data to set up a campaign with your most relevant pixel lookalikes.

WHY: With the ‘seed’ audiences consisting of differently engaged pixel segments, these campaigns can help you reach others who resemble users your brand has more recently resonated with.

Social Prospecting Campaign: Use your social media engagers for prospecting too.

WHY: Prospecting for users who resemble your social engagers has a dual advantage. It can help you generate more engagement with your brand, and contribute to better conversions.

PROTIP! A good creative strategy for BFCM is to have at least 4 great creatives ready before setting up your campaigns. Try a mix of video, single image, canvas, and catalog ad formats.For catalogs, you can use our Branded Catalog templates launched exclusively for BFCM, or edit them to make your own!

BONUS! Once you’re done setting up your complete BFCM ad funnel, you can easily monitor your campaigns. Use Socioh’s “Analytics” to sort all BFCM campaigns by their BFCM tag. The tag is automatically added at the time of creation and presents you with an easy one-click toggle to monitor your promotions’ performance.

With ad costs at an all-time high due to competition due to the high volume of sales, and a limited window in which to run your promotions, Socioh’s full-funnel BFCM strategy ensures that you have a multi-touch strategy that actually works.

And the best part? You can set up your entire BFCM ad funnel in under 40 minutes!

Did we already say that? Sorry, we’re just so very excited about it. Use our BFCM marketing funnel to take all the grunt work out of planning your sale and setting up your ad campaigns, so you can focus on everything else!

Get started now! It only takes a minute to sign up with Socioh.

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