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How SR Store increased its ROAS 10x in 30 days with Socioh's Branded Catalogs

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Table of contents

When SR Store launched in India in 2014, they were aiming to redefine the fashion scene by focusing on style rather than incoming and outgoing trends. A Shopify Gold store (the Indian equivalent of Shopify Plus), they emerged a leading online fashion destination at a time when several other clothing brands were starting out in the online fashion market.

The Problem: Higher ad spend not yielding better results

SR Store was getting a fair amount of traffic for their Facebook retargeting ads. So when they decided to up their ad spend, they were expecting their sales to go up too.

Unfortunately though, there was no upward arrow in the results graph even though the ad budget was peaking.

We wanted to increase the CTR on our retargeting ads and then eventually increase ROAS.- Lalit Jain, Founder, SR Store

SR Store wanted to bring back past visitors to their store, especially those who had left without making a purchase.

What they didn’t want to do was saturate their potential customers’ interest by targeting them with the same kind of ads.

The Competition: An over saturated fashion market

With the global fashion scene changing everyday, there have been a flurry of online stores bringing in the latest in international fashion to trend-hungry buyers.

For a store that’s all about redefining style, how do you keep your existing customers from slipping away, while at the same time adding more new customers, in an extremely competitive market?

This is where Socioh stepped in.

The Solution: Socioh's Branded Catalogs that keep Facebook retargeting fresh

SR Store had been retargeting their audience with the same plain product feed that Facebook automatically picked out directly from its store. This meant that the ads weren't standing out in the newsfeed of a potential customer and, in all probability, customers were scrolling past without reading the captions announcing new arrivals and special prices.

Plain Product Catalog ad run by SR Store

With Socioh, SR Store could set up Designed Product Catalogs, that mapped their collections, price, discounts, or any other relevant information on the ad graphic itself. More importantly, the products were auto-fitted into the templates so they wouldn't get cropped or distorted (notice how the model's head is cropped in the plain product catalog above).

Socioh's Designed Product Catalog with collection details
Socioh's Branded Catalog with SR Store branding

It helped that SR Store had good product photos. With Socioh's design automation, they could upload 1000s of products, choose a Branded Catalog (that auto-fits products into 7 different variations depending on product dimensions), edit them or not edit them as per choice, and send them straight to their Facebook Ads Manager account.

Since it takes minutes to create catalogs, SR Store could experiment with several different designed catalogs to see what resonated with their customers and what didn't.

The automation saved them hours of work. Designing one product image for a catalog takes approximately 25 minutes.

For a catalog with 5000 products, that's 2083 hours! And that's just one catalog.

With Socioh, those dedicated hours of work turned to less than 5 minutes.

The ease of the app allowed SR Store to refresh catalogs and A/B test, increasing scope for experimentation as well as scalability, which meant that potential customers were being targeted with fresh and eye-catching ad creatives each time.

The Strategy: Audience optimization

At the same time that SR Store started running ad campaigns using Socioh's Branded Catalogs, we, at Socioh, also began setting a few ad campaigns for them by segmenting audience and targeting them with ad creatives that we thought would resonate with a particular group.

We segmented audience according to behavior and potential and set campaigns that we believed would give us better results.

We weren't wrong.

The campaigns run by Socioh with Socioh's Branded Catalogs and audience optimization brought in additional 12% sales.

The Results: 10x ROAS in 30 days

Between November 16 - December 16, the click-through rate on ads run by Socioh (Branded Catalogs + audience optimization) shot through the roof. Once the CTR increased, the ROAS went up and so did the sales numbers.

Campaign Comparison chart between Socioh campaigns and non Socioh campaigns

Post these campaigns, the website bounce rate decreased by 8.6% while the purchase conversion rate increased by 59%.

Take a look at SR Store's revenue graph with Socioh's campaigns.

SR Store revenue graph with Socioh's campaigns

The ad spend was the same, but with Socioh's Branded Catalogs, audience optimization and time-saving automation, the campaigns outperformed.

I had full confidence this would work. People don't realise the importance of designed catalogs when it comes to running Facebook ads. It's such a game changer. I'm recommending Socioh to everyone I know. I'm very, very impressed.- Lalit Jain, Founder, SR Store

Going Forward

When the results came in, SR Store told us to keep running their campaigns without worrying about the ad budget.

While Facebook and Instagram ads have been the primary focus for SR Store, they have also been running organic marketing campaigns via Socioh.

The Autopilot posting for FB & Insta works like a dream. So easy to create campaigns and manage them. The number of features Socioh has is fantastic. It does the work of several apps all in one place. I highly recommend this.- Lalit Jain, Founder, SR Store

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