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Success Guide

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For TikTok, you need to manually add UTMs to the destination URL that you enter in the “URL” field of the “Destination page” section, when creating/editing a TikTok ad.

  • If you already have URL parameters at the end of the destination URL, paste the following at the end of the URL.


    Make sure to also include the ‘&’ operator and that there is no ‘/’ or ‘\’ at the end.Eg. If your destination is,
    CORRECT: The double underscores are correct and that is what TikTok supports. Do make sure to include them as they are above. Also do ensure that there is ‘/?’ where your URL ends and your UTMs start.
  • If there is no parameter toward the end of your destination URL, paste the following text:?socioh_tid=tiktok:__CAMPAIGN_ID__:__AID__:__CID__:__PLACEMENT__

    Eg. If your destination is,

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