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How do I create a Branded Catalog?

Here's how you create a Branded Catalog on Socioh.

1. Under the Catalogs, tab, you'll see a screen from where you can choose a design for your first catalog.

2. Select a template: pick a template depending on your intent. You can start with any Socioh template and customize exactly as you like. NOTE: If Socioh's team has launched any custom designs for your store, you'll find them under "My Templates".

TIP: You can pick templates for Sales, Bestsellers, New Arrivals, Limited Stock (these can be filtered easily), etc. You can also choose occasion templates for holidays and events like Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

Once you confirm your template selection, you'll be able to select which products go into your catalog.

Socioh templates for Branded Catalogs

3. Add products to your Catalog: You can choose to add all of your products or pick specific collections or select products depending on what you intend to promote.

4. You can then customize the design of your Catalog. If you would like to make changes to your ad template, go to the final screen and click on edit under the variation your products are fitted into. All your creatives fitted into the template variations you edit will be automatically updated. And if you would like to edit individual creatives, you can do that on the Review and Save screen.

TIP: Any template that you manually edit automatically gets saved under My Templates. You can use these whenever you create a catalog next.

5. Once you are satisfied with how the Catalog looks, hit the Publish button and start setting up your ad.

Need more help creating and editing Branded Catalogs? Check out the sections under Branded Catalog help.

NOTE: If you haven't already, watch the video on getting started with Branded Catalogs here: